Restoring a Hot Rod? Powder Coating Is a Must! Here’s Why

When it comes to automotive restoration, let’s be honest, there is nothing like restoring a classic hot rod or vintage muscle car to rev your engine. Right? These amazing works of muscle and twisted steel, however, deserve powder coating automotive restoration to restore that sex appeal.

Yes, powder coating automotive restoration and restoring our favorite classics go hand in hand, like you are behind the wheel of your favorite ride. A common question in the powder coating automotive restoration process, though, is what to powder coat in a vehicle restoration project and what not to powder coat.

What To Powder Coat in a Vehicle Restoration Project

Although you can technically power coat an entire vehicle, it is neither monetarily, practically, or otherwise beneficial to do so. Because of its many properties and benefits, powder coating is a preferred option for many professional restoration services.


One of, if not the most popular parts of the vehicle to powder coat is the wheels. Powder coating offers the durability and protection your wheels deserve and keeps them looking great too.

Frame and Suspension

Another common area of the vehicle that is a popular candidate for powder coating is the frame and suspension. While this might not be the most obvious painting, it will provide years of protection.

Engine Parts

Powder coating is a great way to add new life to your engine, and powder coating also allows restoration enthusiasts to use original parts. Want your engine to sing, give it the powder coating treatment, and it will definitely hum.

Other Common Powder Coating Parts

A few of the other more common powder coating parts in vehicle restoration projects include:

  • Oil Pan
  • Alternator
  • Brake / Clutch
  • Undercarriage components

The many uses for powder coating are also because powder coating options provide many benefits. The popularity of powder coating is all that needs to be said about the value of those benefits.

The Benefits of Powder Coating

If you are thinking about powder coating for your vehicle restoration project, then you should know about some of the key benefits powder coating offers. A few of the top benefits of powder coating include:

  • Durability: Powder coating is durable and provides excellent protection against wear and weather.
  • Color Options: From color matching to the color of your choice, powder coating comes in any color you want.
  • Rust Resistant: Another benefit of powder coating is that it offers protection against rust, a rival enemy of vintage vehicles.
  • Coating Process: Because of how it bonds, powder coating is a great choice for parts as a result of its electrostatically-bonded particles.

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