Top 10 Most Popular Items You Didn’t Know Were Powdercoated

When we look at objects with bold colors, we usually assume that paint is the source of the hue. While this may be true for some items, powder coating can give everyday objects vibrant colors and a sleek finish. Powdercoating is the process of applying dry powder paint to a variety of surfaces to create an attractive and long-lasting finish.

So what items can be powdercoated? Here are the top 10 everyday items you probably didn’t know could be powder coated.

1. Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture can fade in the sun over time. However, powder coating keeps the finish vibrant and lasts for years.

2.Vending Machines

Vending machines are often out in the open, exposed to all types of weather, elements, and the occasional kick. Powdercoating makes them look brand new again after years of wear and tear.

3. Garden Tools & Equipment

If you have garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes that need a refresh, you can give them a fresh new look and additional protection.

4. Bicycle Frames

Powdercoating a bike frame will give it an attractive finish. It also protects the metal frame from scratches and corrosion.

5. Mailboxes

A mailbox sometimes takes a beating that simple paint can’t handle. Your mailbox doesn’t only look good with such a coating, but it has protection from rust and water damage.

6. Wheels

When wheels are made from aluminum, manufacturers can powder coat them to create a variety of color options and protective finishes. So when you see black rims, it’s due to powder coating.

7. Cribs

To those who ask, “can you powdercoat a crib?”, the answer is yes! This method gives cribs a beautiful finish and protects them from scratches. Plus, you can ensure your toddler won’t eat chipped paint.

8. Grill Parts

Grills have to tolerate high heat and potential rust from outdoor exposure. Paint would easily fail in this situation, so powdercoating is used.

9. Home Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers can be powder coated to give them a new finish. It also protects from rust and corrosion.

10. Automotive Parts

Many automotive parts, such as bumpers, grills, and hoods, can be powder coated to give them a unique look and extra protection.

Powder coating is a great way to give everyday objects a vibrant color and a sleek finish that lasts. Plus, it offers additional protection from corrosion and wear-and-tear damage. While paint is beautiful, powder coating can make your items look new again.