Powder Coating Services in Issaquah, WA

Professional Coating Services

Enjoy the smooth or textured feeling of a surface treated with sandblasting and powder finishing techniques. Powder Vision Inc offers powder coating services for both businesses and individuals in Issaquah, Preston, and King County, WA.

Discover the durable, long-lasting, and decorative finish that metal powder coating gives products made of steel, aluminum, and brass. It can also be applied over galvanize, and as an environmentally safe finish, powder coating releases no fumes, carcinogens, or hazardous by-products.

Choose from hundreds of colors for your coating project, and see how the powder creates a smooth or textured finish with no runs, sags, or heavy build-ups. Conveniently, there are also different chemistries within powders to suit the end use. Visit www.cardinalpaint.comwww.prismaticpowders.com and www.tiger-coatings.us for color examples.

Quality Assurance

Not only do we provide a reliable pickup and delivery service for our commercial customers’ convenience, but we also have a quality assurance department that makes sure you get the powder coating services you requested. For your convenience, we inspect 100% of all parts to assure you receive the quality product you expected.

Contact us in Issaquah, WA, to request an estimate of our efficient powder coating services or learn more about our application process.

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