Application Process in Issaquah, WA

The Process

Powder Vision Inc uses a series of pretreatment steps, which are applied to the parts, including media blasting and an alkaline cleaner/iron phosphate solution, followed by a clean water rinse. This applies an anti-rust conversion coat to steel parts, as well as helps the powder adhere better.

The parts are then placed on a cart and run through an oven to be dried off. Once dry, the parts are ready to be coated, which is done electrostatically. The powder is applied by spraying charged particles of powder onto grounded parts.

When the desired mil thickness is applied, the parts are put into an oven to be cured at 400 degrees, where the cure time depends on the thickness and density of the parts. During the curing process, the powder melts into the substrate of the part and cross-links onto itself to create the bond.

Once curing is complete, the parts are removed from the oven for cooling. After the parts have cooled off, they are 100% inspected and packaged for shipment. Contact us in Issaquah, Preston, or King County, WA, to request an estimate of our efficient powder coating services, which include metal frame powder coating.

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