5 Most Common Powder Coating Mistakes to Avoid

Powder coating is a common process used to provide a finished look and level of protection to a piece of metal. Powder coating is often preferred because it is efficient and can provide a great final product. While powder coating has benefits, mistakes can be made during the process. For those wondering how to properly powder coat, there are five types of mistakes to avoid.


One of the most common issues someone can have when going through a powder coating process is cross-contamination. Any piece of dust, hair, or other small particle that gets into the coating or machinery can have a significant impact on the final product. Due to this, powder coating cross-contamination should be avoided at all costs. This can be done by being diligent about cleaning and managing the process.

Not Following a Smooth Process

Another mistake that can be made when powder coating is not following a smooth process. When using this equipment, it is important that the application is smooth. This means not starting a piece that you are not able to immediately finish. If you are working on a big job, taking breaks at the right time can help avoid this issue.

Wrong Temperature and Humidity

Powder coating works best in certain environments. If a room is too hot, too cold, or too humid, it can be difficult for the powder coating to dry the right way. It is therefore important that you properly check what the right room settings should be and ensure that they are properly set according to the materials you are using and treating.

Avoiding Pre-Treatment

While powder coating can offer a great final product, some work needs to be done before you can start. Pre-treatment ensures that the metal is prepared for the powder coating application. If you do not do this part of the process, the coating will likely not dry evenly, and it can result in a poor final product. Due to this, it is important to follow all necessary steps when powder coating.

Not Cleaning and Maintaining Equipment

Powder coating is an effective way to get a quality final product. However, you must make sure your equipment is prepared each time you need to use it. This process should include properly following protocols to clean and maintain equipment, which ensures that you get a good final product and can also help you avoid more significant repair needs in the future.

Powder coating has continued to be a great way to finish off a piece of metal. When going through this process, various mistakes should be avoided. By avoiding these five mistakes, you can improve your chances of having a great final product.