Top 10 Things To Know for the Perfect Finish When Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great way to make metal pieces and parts look good while protecting them against corrosion. The following tips for learning how to powder coat can help you to prepare any metal to which you might want to add a protective layer of durable color.

1. Talk It Over

You need to know what is expected for the pieces that are to be powder coated. You need to know what color is right and what the expected result might be. Once you have established the parameters for success, you can begin the powder coating process.

2. Thoroughly Clean the Pieces

You cannot get quality powder coating results if the pieces have oil, corrosion, rust, or other contamination. You need to clean the pieces so that you can deliver the best possible results.


3. Prep the Object Correctly

The object to be powder coated must be prepared properly so that the powder coat will take hold and last for a long time. You can sand or blast the pieces to give them a slightly rough surface to which the powder coat can adhere.

4. Make Sure the Parts Are Grounded

An electrical charge helps to hold the powder coat in place when you spray it onto parts that are made from metal and other materials that conduct electricity. You need to ensure those parts are well-grounded.

5. Use Good and Consistent Air Pressure

An air compressor provides the pressure needed to use a powder coating spray gun. The air needs to be clean, dry, and at a steady pressure to apply an even coat.

6. Do Not Fiddle With Gun Controls

You should have the spray gun controls set prior to applying the powder coat. If you adjust and change the controls while you are applying the powder coat, it will go on thicker in some spots than in others, which would produce an uneven finish.

7. Use a Consistent Spray Technique

You must ensure that the powder coat is spread evenly by consistently spraying in the same manner. Do not go too slowly in some spots and faster in others.

8. Inspect Parts Before You Cure Them

After you have applied the powder coat, you should look over each piece to ensure they have a good, even coat of powder. Once the curing process starts, you will not be able to make changes or redo any sections.

9. Use the Right Curing Time and Temperature

The powder coat must cure the powder coat at the recommended temperature and for the correct time as determined by the maker of the powder coat.

10. Do Quality Control Checks

You should closely inspect the final product to ensure the powder coat is even and durable. That is the only way to ensure the best results.

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