What Are Things That Can Be Powder Coated?

Painting doesn’t always have to involve sloppy buckets of liquid, brushes and rollers. For many types of materials there’s a better way that is cleaner and more durable, and that is powder coating. But not everything can be powder coated. Here are some things that can be powder coated, as well as how to know if you can powder coat something that isn’t mentioned here.

How powder coating works

Powder coating uses electrostatic spray deposition to apply paint to an object. This forms a chemical bond that creates a more durable, longer-lasting finish. It also allows for multiple layers to be applied in order to further enhance durability.

Here’s a simplified version of how it works: The powder coating is applied, and then the object is heat-cured in an oven. This allows the powder to melt together to create a smooth, even finish. In some cases, pre-heating the object before powder coating helps make the finish even smoother and harder.

What materials are suitable for powder coating?

Because the process involves using high heat to cure and sometimes preheat the object, some materials are not suited for the process. This means materials that melt at high temperatures, including rubber, are not suitable for powder coating. But how do you know if you can powder coat something?

Many materials are a great candidate for powder coating. The main requirement is that it can withstand a high temperature during the curing process. Perhaps the most common material that is powder coated is metal. It can hold the required electrostatic charge and can tolerate extremely high levels of heat. This includes most steel alloys, stainless steel, galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminum and other types of metal.

The process can also be applied to other materials including glass, plastics, wood and much more. Non-metal materials must have a fluidized bed powder coating application, as they cannot be electrically grounded for the electrostatic process.

Once you know how to identify how it looks, you’ll begin to see powder coating everywhere. It’s probably all over your home right now, as it’s often used on everything from stand mixers and other large countertop kitchen appliances, to vehicles in your garage, to fences, gates and even doors and lamp posts.

What can be powder coated

The list of things that can be powder coated is limited only by your imagination. It is widely used in the automotive industry on exterior and interior surfaces. Outdoor signage, sports equipment, and even marine vessels can benefit from powder coating. Musical instruments like metal drums are a great candidate for a beautiful and smooth powder coating finish. A powder coating finish can even bring an antique machines like vintage farm equipment back to life for display or even everyday use!

The benefits of powder coating are numerous, and it can be applied to a wide variety of objects beyond just metal components. For more information on what can be powder coated, or to find out if powder coating would be suitable for your project, contact Powder Vision, Inc. today.