How Does Powder Coating Increase Durability?

When it comes to painting metal, there are many different methods to choose from. One of those is powder coating. Powder coating has many benefits as opposed to traditional liquid-based painting.

You may be asking, “does powder coating increase durability?” The answer is yes, powder coating does increase durability. Read on to find how in what ways powder coating something increases its durability.

Uses of powder coating

Powder coating is a process of painting objects in which they are coated with a dry powder as opposed to liquid paint. This is done through an electrostatic process, before being cured with heat. It’s applicable to a wide variety of materials—including metal, concrete, plastic, glass and more—and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Powder coating is often used on industrial equipment, in large part due to its durable nature.

What makes powder coating so durable?

There are many aspects of powder coating that make it a popular choice for industrial applications, and durability is at the top of the list. It is one of the most durable finishes available for metal and many other surfaces. Here are some of the ways powder coating increases durability:

  • Longevity: Powder coating finishes can last upwards of 20 years, depending on how much wear and tear they’re exposed to. Factors such as consistent exposure to UV light and use in an outdoor environment may cause the finish to break down faster.
  • Chemistry: The way powder coating works is that a polymer resin base is combined with color pigments, flow modifiers, curative, leveling agents and other additives before being melted and mixed together. This mixture is then cooled and ground into a powder. The electrostatic sprayer places a positive charge on the powder and then uses an electrostatic charge to blast the powder toward the components to be painted. Once the components are cured, the chemical bonds solidify into a strong, durable finish.
  • Layers: Multiple layers can be added to further increase durability and enhance longevity. Many reputable powder coating professionals will apply at least two coats, to maximize the resilience of the finished product.
  • Repels corrosion: Powder coating finishes naturally repel corrosive chemicals and water, which can be especially harmful to structural metals and delicate internal components.

Different types of powder coating

Not all powder coating is the same. The two types of powder coating are thermoplastics and thermosets. There are some key differences between the two, including durability.

  • Thermoplastic curing can be melted and recycled if necessary, and it offers very high impact resistance. It’s also very chemical resistant, but it’s more expensive.
  • Thermoset curing can’t be melted down or re-shaped, but it is more resistant to high temperatures. It offers high levels of dimensional stability as well.

Powder coating has a surprising variety of uses. While it may have a higher up-front cost than liquid painting options, odds are, it’ll end up saving you money over time due to its durability. For more information on how powder coating increases durability, or to get started on your powder coating project, contact Powder Vision, Inc. today.