Powder Coating vs. Wet Paint: What You Should Know

You have two options if you want to color and protect a piece of metal: You can have it painted with traditional wet paint, or you can have it powder coated. While both methods are effective, we believe powder coating is the way to go.

This post will cover a few of the top answers when it comes to the question, “Why use powder coating instead of paint?”

Application process

Before we dive into deeper questions like, “Is powder coating cheaper than paint?” we should cover the basics of each process. While each piece is cleaned before the finish is applied, the two application methods are quite different:

  • Powder coating: In powder coating, a technician uses an electrostatic gun to spray dry powder onto a piece of grounded metal. The powder has a negative charge and is attracted to the grounded metal. Once the piece is properly coated, it’s put in an oven to cure.
  • Wet paint: Liquid paint is also dispersed as a fine, electrostatically-charged spray, but the paint is much less charged. Where dry powder clings almost effortlessly to the metal, wet paint needs to be applied by a trained pro to avoid drips and to get an even coat. Paint also needs multiple coats and possibly a clear top coat.


One of the main reasons to choose powder coating over paint is that it provides better protection for your equipment. Because it undergoes thermal bonding during curing and can be applied in thicker layers, powder coating is more resistant to scratching, chipping and other wear and tear. Without any finish damage, your metal piece won’t rust or corrode over the coming years.

Color and texture

You want your finish to protect your equipment, but you also want it to look great. For a fantastic texture and long-lasting colors, look no further than powder coating. Obtaining unique textures is much easier with powder coating, and a powder coating’s colors won’t fade as quickly as wet paint will.

Health and safety

Another big reason to choose powder coating instead of paint is that it’s much safer for both the environment and the specialists applying the finish. Powder coating doesn’t emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like paint does. Additionally, paint is highly flammable, which makes storage quite hazardous.


One of the main questions we get is, “Is powder coating cheaper than paint?” The answer is yes and no. Powder coating is a bit more expensive up front because it involves more advanced machinery; however, you’ll see savings in the long run because powder coating is much more durable and won’t require any touch-ups.

Bring your equipment to us

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