How Powder Coating Is Beneficial for Restaurant Furniture

Powder coating furniture is a great way to enhance the look and lifespan of your restaurant seating. Restaurants are turning to outdoor dining these days more than ever before thanks to more customers choosing to dine outside due to concerns about COVID-19. That means refreshing and protecting your patio furniture is also more of a priority than it has been in the past.

Not only does powder coating protect metal for decades, but you may be surprised at the stunning aesthetic options available today with recent technological advancements in the world of powder coating.

Here’s a closer look at some benefits of powder coating furniture and why restaurant powder coating may be a wise investment for you.

The first bite is with the eye

Many restaurants have expanded their seating to outdoor areas, including in front of the restaurant. That means the first thing customers see when they approach or walk past your restaurant is not the menu, your logo or the food but the patio furniture. As they say, the first bite is with the eye, and if that first bite is a collection of rusty or worn-out patio furniture, it may be hard to convince potential customers to take a second bite.

Not only does powder coating furniture enhance the sidewalk appeal of your restaurant, you can bet that it will also make your diners more comfortable. Powder coated furniture is rust resistant and easy to clean, giving your diners confidence that sitting outside on your patio furniture will not ruin their nice clothes.

Increased durability

Another benefit of powder coating is that it increases the durability of your metal furniture. Many industries take advantage of this benefit of powder coating, as the process can keep metal protected for 15 to 20 years.

Powder-coated metal is resistant to water, sun and other weather damage. It provides much more durability than traditional painting and looks cleaner overall, especially on furniture with tight angles and intricate detail. This is because powder coating’s electrostatic spray process provides an even coating of paint across the entire surface of the furniture.

This can be applied to new furniture to ensure you get the most life possible out of your investment. It may also be able to be applied to your existing furniture, depending on the condition, to spruce up the look and extend its life.

How it works

Powder coating begins with cleaning the furniture and thoroughly rinsing it to prepare the surface for the electrostatic process. It is then pre-treated with zirconium to promote adhesion of the powdered paint. Once it has dried completely after pre-treatment, the furniture will be blasted with electrostatically-charged powdered paint. From there, it’s cured in a specially-designed, high-temperature oven to bake on the paint.

Restaurant powder coating can be a secret weapon in attracting customers and making them feel safe to dine outdoors at your establishment. To learn more about the options for powder coating your restaurant furniture, contact the experienced professionals at Powder Vision Inc. today.