Tips for Reapplying Powder Coatings

Can an object be re-powder coated in Washington? The answer is “it depends.” Generally, you’ll have the best results if you strip the old powder coating and reapply a new coat, but there are certain circumstances in which you’ll be able to coat on top of the old paint. To understand these exceptions, it’s important to understand how powder coating works.

How powder coating works

First, the objects are pre-treated by a media blasting, chemical wash and a clean water rinse, which helps their surface prepare for the coating material. The objects are then sprayed electrostatically with the powder, which helps it cling to the surface. Then they’re taken to an oven to cure at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps melt the powder and adheres it to the surface, creating a beautiful, even surface in your chosen color.

This process creates an even, durable coat of color over your entire object—so if the finish underneath is damaged, you might not get great results from reapplying a powder coat.

When you can (and can’t) reapply powder coating

To determine whether re-powder coating materials is right for your project in Washington, consider the following:

  • Is the surface even? If your powder coat is bubbling, cracked, chipped or has other issues, you may not want to reapply another coat on top, as that will not get rid of the flaws.
  • Did the object cure properly? Powder coating needs to cure completely, and if your original coat didn’t cure properly, coating over that will not be an option.
  • Does it have a painted finish? Sometimes we get objects that appear to be powder coated, but they’re actually painted. In that case, you’d still need to strip the paint in order to apply a powder coat on top.
  • Is there rust or corrosion? People love powder coating because it helps protect against rust and corrosion, but if your project already has damage, it won’t save the object. Powder coating helps protect, but once rust and corrosion are eating away at the metals, you won’t be able to reverse or stop that process.

Generally, if you’re looking to apply a powder coating over an existing one, it would need to be relatively fresh and completely unblemished to get good results. You might find that it’s worth the time to completely strip the old coat, as that will offer better end quality than applying another powder coat on top of a damaged coat job. Not sure if your project qualifies? Powder Vision Inc. can help evaluate your object and let you know.

Reapply powder coating in Washington

If you’re interested in re-powder coating materials in Washington, let the team at Powder Vision Inc. help. We’re Washington state’s powder coating experts, and deliver beautiful results at affordable prices. No matter what the size and scope of your project may be, we can help you get it done. To learn more about what powder coating can do for you, call us today—we look forward to assisting you soon!