How Strong Is Cured Powder Coating?

When trying to decide if standard painting or powder coating is the best method for your application, the durability of the finish will play a key role. Whether you are in the automobile, manufacturing or agricultural industry, when working with parts that are intended for heavy-duty usage, the strength of the finished product and its ability to stand the test of time is a critical component of any machine’s operation. To fully grasp how strong cured powder coating in Washington is, and just how beneficial it can be for your next project, it will be helpful to first understand just what the powder coating process entails.

The powder coating process

Unlike paint, powder coating involves the use of powder that is completely dry, and is most often applied with an electrostatic spray gun. After being powder coated, the item is placed under extremely intense heat during the curing phase, where it will develop a layer of protective skin. Because the entire process takes place in a sealed environment, there is very low risk of air pollution, and no fumes or carcinogens are released during coating. There is also far less waste generated with a powder coating project, as whatever doesn’t adhere to the surface can be retrieved and reused for another application.

Powder coating’s superior durability

To prepare a piece for powder coating, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before the first coat is applied, allowing the powder coat and the surface to form strong bonds while the object is being cured. With this thermal bonding in place, coated items are much more resistant to weather elements, chipping, cracking and even standard wear and tear.

The quality of the finish is also enhanced, as the powder will not drip or run during application, keeping the colors bright and vibrant for much longer. If you are coating a malleable piece that will be subjected to a lot of manipulation during use, a powder finish can also bend with the item without chipping or flaking. Because of the unique combination of increased durability and striking aesthetics that powder coating can provide, the process can be useful on everything from heavy-duty machinery to car restoration and detailing.

So, is powder coating stronger than paint? Much more than just a strong version of paint, cured powder coating provides a level of durability that paint cannot deliver. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our team at Powder Vision Inc. knows firsthand how strong cured powder coating in Washington is, and we know how to effectively utilize its versatility to make it the clear best choice for your job no matter what type of metal you need coated, be it aluminum, steel or brass. To verify that you are getting the absolute best quality, we also put all of our completed parts through a rigorous quality assurance inspection to ensure that they meet all of your standards. If you are interested in elevating the quality of your next project, give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.