An Overview of Powder Coating Textures

Powder coating is a popular choice among manufacturing and industrial businesses, thanks to its even color, ability to resist rust and corrosion and durable finish. Many business owners choose powder coating to keep their equipment looking and operating new as possible, while protecting it from weather, chemical damage, rust and more.

Powder coats come in a seemingly endless variety of colors and finishes, from high gloss to glitter to glow in the dark. There is also a variety of powder coating textures in Washington, and which type you choose will depend on the desired utility of the finished product. For example, certain finishes will be better for industrial equipment or car engines, while car rims won’t be exposed to quite the same high temperatures and moving parts.

Choosing powder coating textures

When you’re choosing a powder coating texture, there will be a variety of options, but not all will be compatible with color or gloss levels. Gloss ranges from matte to satin, which reflects diffuse light, and finally to “full gloss,” which is very shiny and reflective. Each gloss type comes with a “level.”

Here are some of the most popular textures:

  • Sand: This sandpapery-type finish is only compatible with a 0-20 gloss, or else it will lose the finely textured feel.
  • Wrinkle: Wrinkle texture is very similar to sand, but feels closer together and rougher. You can’t use any type of gloss if you choose a wrinkle texture.
  • Hammer: Hammer finish makes a surface like hammered metal, which can be very attractive on decorative objects. You can use higher glosses on this type of texture, but keep in mind that it will dull some of the reflectivity.

Depending on what your machinery or object will be used for, you may want to stay away from high glosses, as they tend to show wear and tear a lot faster than matte or textured objects. If you’re using a gloss finish, you’ll probably need to use a much higher quality finishing standard.

Most importantly, consulting with a powder coating expert can make sure you are receiving a finish that will work well for you. At Powder Vision Inc., once we know what your object’s end use is, we can help you choose a powder coat finish and texture that will provide beautiful, long-lasting results, showing minimal wear and tear whenever possible. There are plenty of options available, and we’re happy to walk you through the pros and cons of them all so you get the results you want.

Powder coating textures in Washington

Now that you know when and how to powder coat objects with textures, call Powder Vision Inc. in Washington to make your project vision a reality. We can also help you decide if your particular project is suitable for powder coating. Whatever the size and scope of your next powder coating object may be, we can help you get it done with flawless, durable results. Call us today to learn more about how powder coating and the team at Powder Vision Inc. can help you.