Five Tips for Powder Coating Auto Parts in Washington

Do you need powder coating for auto parts in Washington? This process can provide a great finish for a wide variety of components. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment, and you can enjoy great results. You simply need to follow a few tips for auto part powder coating in Washington for optimal outcomes. Here are the top five.

Use the right heat source

Powder coating auto parts in Washington involves coating a part with electrostatically-charged epoxy powder. Once the part is coated, it must be heated to cure the coating, which affixes it to the metal part. For appropriate curing, you must use the right heat source.

To heat the part, it should be placed in an electric oven. Never use a gas oven or a barbecue grill, as the flames involved can ignite any loose powder. Do not try to complete powder coating in a kitchen oven, as this can ruin your oven, and the process also creates an unpleasant odor. Use an appropriate electric oven/stove and heat the part at 400 degrees F for at least 20 minutes.

Consider color

For many applications, the color matters most for auto part powder coating in Washington. Do you have a particular color in mind for the part you want to coat? If so, this can determine the type of powder you must choose. While powders are available in a wide range of colors, not all are available in every hue, so keep this in mind as you select your color and powder type.

Count the cost

As you choose the type of powder coating for auto parts in Washington that you want to use, consider the cost of the powder. Some coatings are more costly than others. The durability and longevity you need to achieve should help guide your decision in choosing a specific coating material.

Choose the right powder

There are four main types of powder used for powder coating auto parts in Washington. Choose the one that works best for your desired results and your budget:

  • Polyester-urethane powder: These powders provide the best qualities for weathering. They also result in the best overall surface appearance.
  • Polyester-TGIC powder: This type of powder is typically used in commercial settings. Hobbyists don’t commonly choose this type due to its cost. However, they do offer the best performance.
  • Epoxy powder: These coatings provide good adhesion and produce high surface quality. They are also FDA compliant. They are designed for electrostatic application.
  • Hybrid powder: These deliver excellent surface quality and adhesion. They are also flexible and resist yellowing.

Call for backup

While some DIYers may want to obtain the necessary equipment and try their hand at powder coating auto parts in Washington, consider asking a professional for assistance. With extensive experience, a technician can produce the results you want for your restored or customized vehicle.

Count on 60-Plus Years of Experience

For optimal results from your auto part powder coating in Washington, contact the team at Powder Vision Inc. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial powder coating, as well as restoration on cars and motorcycles. We’ll provide everything you need for a complete and beautiful powder coating project all under one roof, including sandblasting and phosphate wash. Contact us today to get started!05