Top 10 Essentials for Powder Coating Care in Washington

You’ve completed your powder coating. Now what? How can you make sure it continues to look as sharp as it did the day it came out of the oven? To maintain this quality, you must know how to clean powder coatings in Washington.

Use the following tips to care for your powder coating. These simple steps will extend the life of your coating and keep your component looking great.

Sponge Clean

To clean your powder coating, start with a gentle cleansing. Use a wet sponge to carefully remove any loose debris that has accumulated on the item.

Brush Clean

Once you have removed the top level of debris with a sponge, use a soft brush to remove further deposits. Apply a diluted solution of mild hand/dishwashing detergent with warm water to clean the powder.

Avoid Solvents

Never use solvents for powder coating care in Washington. Aggressive cleaners can damage the coating. This damage may occur even if it is not yet visible, as it can take several months for the damage to be detectable. To protect your powder coating, always use mild soap and water.

Be Gentle

When cleaning powder coatings, avoid rubbing them excessively. Be particularly careful with metallic finishes. Harsh scrubbing can damage the coating.

Rinse Thoroughly

Once you’ve gently cleaned the powder coating, rinse the entire surface thoroughly with fresh, clean water. This will remove all residues and help restore your coating to a nice appearance.

Beware Tape

If you need to use tape on your powder coating, be sure to use only approved styles of tape. Using the wrong type of tape can harm your powder coating, so check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of coating you are going to tape.

Clean Paint

If you ever get paint on your powder coating, wipe this off right away. Don’t attempt to let it dry and then remove it. Keep in mind that you don’t want to scrub your powder coating harshly, so the sooner you can gently remove any paint, the better.

Avoid Sunscreen

If an item is powder coated, try to keep sunscreens away from the product, as some sunscreen products can damage powder coated finishes.

Clean Regularly

For best results, powder coating care in Washington should involve a cleaning every three months. Of course, if the product is exposed to significant debris on a regular basis, this process should occur more frequently. For high-use items, clean the powder coating every one or two months.

Get Advice

If you ever encounter a situation where you don’t know how to clean powder coatings in Washington, contact a professional. Their expert input can help you care for your powder coating without damaging it in the process.

Call for Backup

Do you need assistance with powder coating care in Washington? Reach out to the team at Powder Vision Inc. We specialize in powder coating for cars, motorcycles, patio furniture, city maintenance, signage and more. We provide everything you need for a complete and beautiful powder coating project all under one roof. Contact us today with any questions on how to clean powder coatings in Washington. We’re here to help!