Art and Powder Coating in Washington

As new technologies and media develop, art continues to evolve. Powder coating in Washington has provided an innovative method of colorizing materials that modern artists are taking advantage of in many ways.

It’s likely that creative artists will continue to develop new ways to utilize powder coating in Washington for their works. Currently, artists are using powder coating for the following benefits.

Rich Finishes

For certain projects, artists must apply multiple layers of paint to achieve the color and density they desire. Powder coating in Washington offers an alternative method of achieving this final look. This process offers high ink density. This means artists can create a vibrant color in a solid coating more easily than with paint. After the powder coating is applied to the material, the product looks as if it was made in that color, rather than painted that color.

Metal Finishes

Metal isn’t always the easiest material to colorize. Working with this medium can pose a challenge to artists who have a specific vision for the final appearance of their project. Powder coating in Washington has proven most helpful in these situations. This method is specifically designed to cover metal materials. As a result, artists can use powder coating to easily achieve the metal appearance they desire.

Perfect Finishes

It’s inevitable—during the creation of a project, the artist will make at least one mistake. Whether it is a slip of the hand or a drip from the paintbrush, an imperfection is the result. However, artists have methods to correct or cover up these mistakes, or work them into the final product. Powder coating in Washington makes this correction easier. Mistakes that are made are easy to fix, so artists can achieve the look of perfection they desire with less effort and cleanup required.

Protected Finishes

Artists who would like to create outdoor pieces or display their work outdoors face the challenges of exterior elements. A once beautiful piece of artwork can become tarnished and ruined over time due to exposure to moisture, cold and heat. After a while, the sun and humidity in the summer and the snow and salt in the winter take their toll. Fortunately, powder coating in Washington offers a long-lasting layer of protection for works of art. Artists can choose an exterior grade of powder coating and proudly display their creation outdoors for all to enjoy for many years to come.

Clean Finishes

What happens when a spilled liquid lands on a painting? How does a sculpture look if dirt or animal waste works its way onto its surfaces? With the right powder coating in Washington, artists can achieve a sleek finish that is easy to wipe clean. Their creation can be wiped and washed to restore it to like-new condition again and again.

Get Creative

If you are interested in the artistic applications of powder coating in Washington, contact the professionals at Powder Vision Inc. Serving the area since 1997, Powder Vision Inc. specializes in residential, commercial and industrial powder coating. We provide everything you need for a complete and beautiful powder coating project all under one roof, including sandblasting and phosphate wash. Reach out to us today to get started.