The Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a relatively new technology that is allowing manufacturers and hobbyists alike to create a durable, long-lasting and vibrantly colored shell over a wide range of products and tools.

During the powder coating process, technicians and operators at a powder coating shop in Washington will strip a heat-tolerant object down using a sandblasting process. They will then treat the item with a brief chemical bath. Once the object is entirely clean and prepared, the operators will spray a fine powder onto the object. Then, the object is heated, and the powder melts and forms a glossy shell.

There are a number of benefits associated with powder coating over traditional painting, including:

  • VOC-free: The powder coating process consists of spraying dry powder at high speeds. Thus, it doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Powder coating is a substantially more environmentally friendly process than traditional spray painting.
  • Clean process: The process of powder coating is extremely clean. The exhaust from the coating booth is returned to the plant. As a result, minimum emission takes place outside of the actual process. Additionally, powder coating operators actively work to reduce the amount of energy necessary to heat and cool each powder-coated product.
  • No wastage:The unused powder coating, along with overspray, is recovered and reused. This means there is virtually no wastage compared with enamel paints, where the excess and wasted paint is drained out in sludge tanks. Powder coating is free from this extra cost and the subsequent environmental hazard.

In addition to the numerous environmental benefits of powder coating, it also makes for a much safer working environment. Because there are virtually no solvents and emulsifiers in powder coating, operators and technicians face minimal hazards pertaining to mouth, nose and throat infections, which are common in paint shops, especially during hot weather, when emissions and particles tend to stick to the operators and cause irritation.

In comparison to liquid paint operators, people employed in the powder coating industry are less prone to health concerns, as well as skin problems. While some people are sensitive to certain powder types, it rarely results in severe health consequences because powder can always be washed off with water.

With the use of powder coating becoming more widespread, there are a number of environmental benefits that manufacturers can reap by switching to a powder coating process, as opposed to one that uses liquid or aerosol paints. Additionally, powder coating operators can live safer, more productive lives than those who work primarily with aerosol paints.

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