Can Powder Coating in Washington Be Any Sheen?

Powder coating in Washington is an excellent method for finishing products for a variety of applications. Part of its versatility is the many finishes that can be achieved using powder coating. From flat to glossy, a full range of sheens and textures is available.

Which should you use for your project? This answer depends on a variety of factors. Use the following overview of the many options to determine which finish is best for your application.

Gloss Options

  • Matte: A matte gloss is also known as flat. This finish has nearly no shine. If you want your finished product to reflect little light, have a duller finish or provide a more muted look, a matte gloss is a good choice.
  • Satin: This gloss offers a little more dimension than matte. However, it is not as reflective as higher-gloss options. It is a good “in-between” option to add some richness to the finish of your project without adding too much shine.
  • Medium: If you apply medium gloss powder coating in Washington, your project will have a little more reflective quality than a satin finish. If you would like to achieve a shinier look that will reflect more light, this is a good choice.
  • Full: For projects that need a high shine and extremely reflective surface, a full gloss is the way to go. This finish offers the most reflectivity of the various options.

Texture Options

  • Sand: This texture offers the look and feel of sandpaper. If you want to use this finish, keep in mind that it cannot be combined with higher gloss options.
  • Hammer: If you picture an orange rind or a golf ball, you’ll get an accurate image of a hammer finish. You can use this texture with higher gloss finishes to reduce reflectivity of the surface and add dimension.
  • Wrinkle: This texture is similar to the sand option, but is rougher. If you want to use this texture, you cannot use a gloss; however, it might be just the finish you’re looking for to make your product unique.

Choosing Your Finishes

Which option is best for your project? Consider where and how your product will be used. Higher glosses are typically easier to wipe clean. They can also brighten up the space they are in due to their reflective surfaces. Sand and wrinkle finishes can add interest and character to a piece. Think about what the goals are for your project and let this purpose guide your finishes. Don’t forget the various limitations of combinations as you make your decision.

Choose Your Sheen

Do you have a project in mind but aren’t sure which sheen to use? The experienced professionals at Powder Vision Inc. are ready to assist you. Serving the area since 1997, Powder Vision Inc. specializes in residential, commercial and industrial powder coating. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our team will provide everything you need for complete and beautiful powder coating in Washington all under one roof. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your next project.