The Ins and Outs of Powder Coating in Washington

For two decades, the team at Powder Vision Inc. has proudly offered high quality powder coating in Washington to make your metal materials look like new again. We’ll even pick up or deliver throughout the state to make sure you get service from the best in the business no matter where you’re located. From patio furniture to motorcycles, our 60 years of combined experience mean you’ll love the results.

If you’re considering powder coating for something metal that you own, you’re probably curious about how it works. It’s smart to understand a procedure of any kind before you invest in it, and we’re happy to provide some details about the process. Read on to learn more!

In a nutshell

To put it as simply as possible, powder coating is a dry powder (as opposed to traditional liquid metal finishes and paints) that does not need a solvent to successfully solidify onto a metal object. This powder could be a thermoset polymer or a thermoplastic polymer, and is a top choice for anyone looking to get a stronger, tougher finish than is achievable with a paint coating.

A closer look

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of powder coating for a minute. Powder coating has a very small particle size, ranging from 2 to 50 microns, and melts at about 150 degrees Celsius. When it is used to powder coat an item, it is typically heated up to about 200 degrees Celsius for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Your expert powder coating company will know the best temperature and time to yield the ideal finish for your item.

Powder coating can be cured to produce a very smooth finish, or to have what is often known as an “orange peel” finish—a little more texture, which can hide bumps or inconsistencies in a metal’s makeup. Powder Vision Inc. will consult with you about the kind of finish you’re looking for before we get started.

The process

Getting a great powder coating in Washington is simple. First, we will clean and pre-treat your metal item if necessary. Next, we’ll apply the powder coating, usually with an electrostatic gun. And finally, we’ll perform the curing process to get your desired finish by heating the powder until it becomes a liquid that will melt to create a uniform coating.

Why it’s so popular

Once you know a little about powder coating, you understand why it’s such a popular choice. For starters, it’s eco-friendly, producing little to no harmful toxins or compounds. It’s also a durable option, because it creates a thicker layer than more traditional metal finishing options. Furthermore, this layer can be easily customized to match your texture preferences. Finally, the overall finish is incredibly smooth, whether it’s covering vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Now you know just how powder coating in Washington works, and why it’s such a great option. So, what are you waiting for? Give Powder Vision Inc. a call today and see the great results of our expert service in no time!