What Is the Benefit of Powder Coating Versus Regular Paint?

When you want to give metal a finish that’s appealing, protective and durable, the answer is undoubtedly going to be powder coating in Washington. There are numerous benefits that come with powder coating that wet paint applications simply can’t match. Let’s take a look at some of the premier reasons powder coating is a first choice when finishing metal:

  • Durability: Wet paint is known to chip, flake and peel, even after being allowed sufficient time to set and dry. This is because adherence to the surface of a metal object isn’t always completely cohesive. The paint dries to form a shell that can be removed with sufficient abrasion. Powder coating, on the other hand, is electrostatically charged to bond with the metal, completing the cohesion process and ensuring durability against abrasiveness.
  • Performance: Regular paint can make metal surfaces look nice, but it can’t truly protect them. Powder coating, when cured, offers a host of protective benefits to the underlying metal, including resistance to corrosion, moisture and other destructive elements. It also stops physical abrasion from occurring, fending off scratches, gouges and blemishes to the finished metal.
  • Application ease: Paint can run and drip during application, and can be applied unevenly if the painter isn’t careful. Paint also dries unevenly sometimes, which can disrupt the seamless façade of the finished metal. Powder coating, on the other hand, is seamless in its application. It doesn’t run and won’t build up in areas or run dry in others. The application is easy and relatively mess-free, since most powder coating particles can be reused.
  • Longevity: Not only will powder coating last longer than paint when it comes to durability, it’ll retain a beautiful aesthetic longer as well. When exposed to things like dirt, dust and UV light, paint breaks down at the molecular level, leaving a shadow of the former color behind. Powder coating retains its luster and keeps the bold, bright color it originally had.
  • Safety: If you’ve ever looked at the side of a paint can, you’ve seen the warnings. Paint is toxic, flammable, carcinogenic and more. Powder coating simply isn’t. In fact, it’s even environmentally friendly! Working with powder coating is much easier and safer than wet paint, leading to better ends for the applicator, the customer and the environment.
  • Lower cost: The low material cost of powder coating, combined with expedited finishing time, means the cost of powder coating is actually lower than wet paint. Moreover, when you factor in the longevity of the finish, the return on investment is going to far outstrip paint… which will likely strip before it recoups its maximum value.

It’s abundantly clear that in cases of metal finishing, powder coating in Washington is supremely unparalleled. All of the above benefits—combined with the stylistic options and versatility of the application method—make powder coating a popular option for a wide range of uses. It’s not just an alternative to paint—it’s the ideal and preferred choice in many cases!