Give Your Old Metal Items New Life with a Fresh Powder Coating in Washington!

Metal is a staple of our economy and society. It is incredibly versatile, spanning countless industries, and it provides a strong and economical purpose for people in all types of situations, from cars to office complexes, and all types of machinery.

Unfortunately, metal also rusts and breaks down, which means it’s important for you to give your metal objects the attention they deserve if you want them to serve you well for many years to come. One fantastic way of accomplishing that goal is through powder coating in Washington with the help of the experts at Powder Vision Inc.

What’s the deal with powder coating, anyway?

If you haven’t heard about powder coating before, you’re going to love what comes next. To put it simply, powder coating in Washington is a streamlined way of applying a strong and stylish finish to all sorts of metal items. It enhances their aesthetic appeal and also gives them a high level of protection that can prevent damaging wear and tear. What could be better?

How does it work?

Powder coating is made up of resin and pigment that are finely ground to create a powder. This powder is then electrostatically applied by spraying. When it is sprayed, the pigments are held in place through static electricity, and as the powder heats up, it fuses solidly to the metal object. This method ensures that the coating is optimally adhered for a smooth, professional finish.

You can use powder coating to restore all sorts of metals to their former glory. In fact, powder coating in Washington is a popular choice because of its higher performance and overall value compared to traditional metal finishing methods.

How is it better?

Compared to older established methods of finishing metal items, powder coating is head and shoulders above the competition. For starters, traditional metal finishes often don’t produce as uniform and appealing a finish, and the actual layer of finish is thinner than powder coating. Because the layer isn’t as thick, it can more easily break down, chip off or allow further damage to occur.

Why spend money on a new finish if your metal item is going to get scratched up or quickly fade? With professional powder coating in Washington, you’ll immediately notice how well the finish holds its vibrant color. As an added bonus, it doesn’t matter what type of metal you have, because powder coating can adjust to your metal’s texture.

Finally, powder coating is a great option for environmental reasons. It does not have the same high level of toxicity as traditional paints or other liquid finishes, which have chemicals that can leach into the environment and pose health risks for you and the environment around you. Thus, powder coating is becoming known as a green finishing option.

You can use powder coating for lots of different metal items, from small appliances to automotive rims. For more information, give Powder Vision Inc. a call today to schedule an appointment to breathe new life into your metal items.