Use Metal Powder Coating in Preston, WA for Restoration

When you look at old metal objects, it is easy to imagine the beauty they once possessed. Signs, tackle or tool boxes, patio furniture and even yard statuary show up frequently in estate sales or thrift stores, and people often wonder what it would take to restore their appearance. The good news is that, if the item is structurally sound, making it attractive and useful again is easy. Metal powder coating at our shop plays a big part in that. Here is the process involved with restoring old metal using powder coating in Preston, WA:

  • Cleaning: Finding interesting items at garage sales or left in a “free” pile at the side of the road is often considered a victory—until you see how much dirt you need to remove. While it may be irresistible to scrub them down, that is the last thing you need to do to aging metal. Start with warm water and a gentle detergent, as that will remove surface dirt. Anything that is embedded into the metal is ready for the next step.
  • Sandblasting: If the metal patio furniture you inherited or purchased is 1970s avocado or covered with old paint full of chips, you likely require sandblasting. While this would seem like a violent process that puts your recent antiques in danger, it is one of the best ways to remove ground-in dirt, rust or calcium deposits from old metal. Also, if you are looking to remove that avocado green, sandblasting is the best way to do that. Powder coating only works on clean metal, so allow us to sandblast away and give your find new life.
  • Choose color: Many people working on restoration items are often surprised by how many colors are available with powder coating. If you want red, black or even a brighter green than avocado, we likely have it for you. Only your imagination is the limit. For classic items like toolboxes, bright red is a traditional color, but you can also choose a clear coat if you want the appearance of the original metal in a more cleaned-up version. Take your time with this step, because your choice of color cannot change. Refinishing with a new color after powder coating is not recommended.
  • Powder coating: Once you decide on color, the powder coating begins! Your items receive an acid wash, and then we let them dry. Next, we apply the powder coating and bake it on. There is another drying process, and follow-up treatments if necessary. We practice regular quality control and will not call you to pick up your items until we know everything is perfect.
  • Prepare to enjoy: Powder coating will not only make old metal look new again, but you will also see embellishment that hid under all that rust and other signs of aging. Stamped metal looks impressive once cleaned and powder coated because you can see details better. Many metal objects from 40 to 60 years ago were made better than what is on the market today, so powder coating assures they will serve you well for another few decades!

Powder Vision Inc. offers metal powder coating in Preston, WA for everything from tackle boxes to staircases. Call us today if you would like assistance with a restoration project.