Using Powder Coating in Washington to Restore Metal Objects

Powder coating is a method of applying a decorative finish to a metal that improves the overall appearance of the object while simultaneously adding a protective layer that can guard against damage and wear. Finely ground pigment and resin comprise the powder that is sprayed onto a surface electrostatically. The static electricity holds the pigment in place until the powder is heated and the pigment becomes fused onto the object. The powder coating process results in a neat, uniform finish that has a high-quality appearance. Powder coating in Washington can be used to repurpose all sorts of metal objects to like-new condition and has several great advantages over other methods of metal finishing.

Benefits of powder coating

Compared to other metal finishing processes, powder coating is advantageous for several reasons, the most visible being the actual appearance of the pigment. The technique of fusing the pigment powder to the metal using heat and static electricity results in a finish that is thicker and more consistent than traditional metal painting. The thickness of the pigment also gives powder coating the upper hand when it comes to durability. Metal objects that are powder coated are less susceptible to chips, scratches and fading than those that undergo a different finishing method. Additionally, the colors available for powder coating are wide-ranging and come in a variety of finish levels from flat to high-gloss. Powder coated colors stay vibrant longer and can also be modified to accommodate different material textures.

Another great benefit to powder coating is its environmental friendliness compared to other metal paints and finishes. Liquid finishes and paints contain potentially harmful chemicals and components that can pose a risk to the environment and to your health. Powder coating does not contain these harmful solvents, and it doesn’t pose a risk to the environment the way that liquid finishes do. Powder coating is increasing in popularity as a green metal finishing process.

Uses for powder coating

Powder coating can be used for an array of different purposes and is a great finishing method for all kinds of metals. While it’s commonly used for automotive parts like rims, powder coating can also be used for things like home appliances, public signs, sports equipment and fencing. Because there are so many options available when it comes to powder coating colors, finish levels and textures, it is a method that can be used in almost any context when it comes to restoring the appearance and durability of metal objects.

Powder coating services

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