Powder Coating in Preston, WA Makes Car Rims Shine

When styling cars, there are still discussions regarding what to do about rims. While it is common for many owners to decide to paint rims, the benefits of powder coating rims are becoming better known. There are advantages powder coating in Preston, WA offers to car rims, chrome and other parts that are not there when you use paint. Here are five of them:

  • Colors and finishes: One misconception about powder coating is that colors and finishes are limited. This is not the case! If you have a paint color in mind, chances are you will find a similar one with powder coating. The same is true with finishes. You can choose matte, smooth or wrinkled based on your individual style. Before you paint, look at the options with powder coating. We believe you will be impressed with your choices.
  • Protection: Paint will not protect rims like powder coating. It will sustain chips, cracks and fading as weather and road chemicals assault your paint job. When you choose powder coating, it stands up to the elements you encounter while driving. The surface is resistant to fading and other damage. It is easier to change color when you paint rims—however, you will also be doing that frequently because of the damage.
  • Lower cost: Many owners discover painting their rims costs more than powder coating. That is due to regulations concerning solvents and VOCs that are attached to paint. You will pay more to help technicians comply with these requirements. Paint also raises costs because the finish does not last as long, and you will need to make repeat visits to have the work done again. Once you powder coat rims, you can wait years before you need to refresh the surface. Also, without solvents or VOCs, powder coating is not subject to the same legal requirements as paint.
  • Fewer chemicals: Even if you paint the rims yourself, there is one thing you will never avoid: the fumes. These can be uncomfortable for you and anyone living in your household. They are also not that good for you. Powder coating looks like paint, but it does not contain even solvents or harsh chemicals. It is easy on the environment and doesn’t pollute, because any waste can be recycled back into the system.
  • Nearly permanent finish: This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what you expect. Powder coating fortifies a finish and, in some ways, keeps the color permanent and in good condition. If you are willing to enjoy durability, protection and lower prices to stay with one color, powder coating is the obvious choice. However, if you believe you will want to change rim colors every year or season, it is difficult to refinish powder coating with a new color. Many car owners decide to stay with one color because the benefits are so desirable.

Powder Vision Inc. offers powder coating for car rims in Preston, WA, as well as other parts. Call us today to schedule an appointment or inquire about our services.