Metal Outdoor Fixtures Benefit from Coating Services in Preston, WA

Anyone who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for any amount of time knows our climate can get to be a little dreary. It rains for roughly 1/3 of the year in our region, generating about 7 feet of precipitation each year! It’s safe to say that the Pacific Northwest is the rainiest place in the United States.

All of this rain means more than just cloudy skies and the need for an umbrella, however. It also means your metal outdoor fixtures need to be protected against the deluge of moisture that they have to endure year after year. Without some sort of protective coating, they’re liable to corrode, oxidize and rust.

To ensure total protection for your outdoor metal items, make sure you’re seeking coating services in Preston, WA.

What needs to be coated?

Ensuring proper coating for outdoor items means understanding what can and cannot be coated. Generally speaking, most metal items can be coated. This may include outdoor patio furniture, mailboxes, railings, garden accents, metal trellises, metal gutters and more. Non-metal items cannot be coated, for the simple reason that they’re not able to hold the charge required when it comes to electrostatic application.

Even if your item isn’t a permanent outdoor fixture, it should still be subject to coating services in Preston, WA. Why? Because direct contact with moisture isn’t the only thing that could damage it. Humid air might also cause corrosion if the moisture content of the air is high enough!

Protecting over the long term

More than just protecting against the heavy rainfalls of the region, powder coating your outdoor metal objects also ensures they can stand up to whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at them. Sun abuse and wind damage are two great examples of this.

Sun damage is a major concern over time because UV rays have the ability to dehydrate and break down molecular bonds. This can mean your objects become frail or brittle, or that oxidation happens faster when water is present. On the flipside, wind damage can occur when grit or small debris are blown over the surface of your objects. To see these kinds of effects, simply take a look at any weathered statue in town.

Finally, a proper powder coating is also going to defend against your general interaction with your outdoor items. When coupled with moisture, sun and wind damage, general wear and tear can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Accidentally pulling too hard on the hinges of your mailbox door or sitting down too forcefully in an old metal lawn chair might just be enough to break it.

Solve the problem with powder coating

It’s evident that there are a number of different concerns for outdoor metal fixtures. Thankfully, all of them have the same solution: powder coating. Proper coating and curing will be enough to help your metal items weather whatever the elements have to throw at them, keeping them looking great and functioning flawlessly over the long term.

Take a close look at your outdoor items and ask yourself if they’re protected fully from the elements. If they’re not, contact Powder Vision Inc. today for more information about powder coating services in Preston, WA.