Commercial Powder Coating in Preston, WA for Gym Equipment

There’s a reason powder coating is so widely used in commercial applications: it provides simplistic resilience that regular finishes just can’t achieve. This is why so many metal installations, commercial vehicles and pieces of machinery are subjected to commercial powder coating in Preston, WA.

There’s one application for commercial powder coating that does a tremendous job of representing just how durable, resilient and appealing this process is. We’re talking about the finish of gym equipment—the various leg, arm, back and chest machines you’ll find at your local fitness center!

It may not be evident to the untrained eye, but there’s a good chance that each piece of gym equipment you’re using to better your physique has been powder coated. This is a tremendously effective preparation step for gym equipment before it’s introduced into the gym environment for a number of reasons:

  • Powder coating is prohibitive to germs and bacteria. These microbes can’t force their way into cuts and scratches on the surface of unprotected metal because the electrostatically charged finish protects everything to an impenetrable degree. This is critical for equipment that numerous people will use on a daily basis.
  • Sweat and other moisture won’t cause machines to rust because the powder coating will protect the metal from interacting with moisture.
  • Powder coating makes workout machines easier to clean. They can simply be wiped down with a towel and a cleaning solution, removing any filth without harming the machine itself.
  • Powder coating creates a professional appeal that can help a gym brand itself. It also helps machines stay looking better for a longer time.

It’s amazing to think what a simple commercial powder coating in Preston, WA does to help gym equipment remain in good standing, despite the intense wear and tear these machines undergo each and every day!

It doesn’t just stop at the machines, either. Most gym equipment undergoes powder coating as part of the finishing process. This means pull-up bars mounted on the wall, stretching cages and even dumbbells. In fact, dumbbell racks are a great example of how powder coating further protects gym equipment over time:

  • Consistent racking and un-racking of dumbbells can mar surfaces if they’re not protected by a powder coating. Racks that are coated will be able to weather abuse and retain their structure better.
  • In many gyms, dumbbells and their rack place are signified with a weight marker. If this weight marker wears down over time, it can make it hard to organize dumbbells or choose the right weight. Powder coating preserves the weight indicator to help trainers stay aware of what they’re lifting and where they’re setting it down.

Just about everything you put your hands on in a gym will be powder coated, and for good reason. Without a durable commercial powder coating in Preston, WA, much of this equipment would degrade in quality and aesthetic very quickly.

Everyday handling, abuse and consistent wear easily take their toll; powder coating ensures gym equipment is protected against these detractors and anything else that might lower their appeal and function. To learn more, contact Powder Vision Inc. today.