How Does Powder Coating Work?

There are few applications that do not benefit from powder coating in Preston, WA. Outdoor structures, motorcycles, auto components and even patio furniture are examples of items we’ve powder coated in the past. Meanwhile, for heavy machinery and other industrial applications, up to 15 percent of these items can benefit from powder coating. The process works well and is non-toxic, which will add to its popularity. Here is how powder coating works and the advantages it offers.

Powder coating materials

Conventional painting is frequently described as wet finishing, which leads to fumes and the familiar mess that results during these jobs. In comparison, powder coating is dry finished. It uses polymer resin that contains curatives, pigment, flow modifiers and leveling agencies that are melted and mixed.

This combination is dried and rolled out before being broken apart into chips. They are milled and sieved until they produce a consistency like flour. This powder is the actual powder coating material that is applied to your items.

Polymers include polyester, polyurethane, polyester-epoxy, straight epoxy and acrylics. Applications require different combinations to make the treatment effective. While the material is different between powder coats, they all operate the same way.

How we powder coat

Powder coating is applied with a gun applicator. It charges the powder with an electrostatic charge that makes it stick to grounded metals. This easy application produces little waste and assures the powder arrives where intended. Once it hits the surface of the object, it binds through a chemical reaction that increases density and hardens into a protective shell.

A fluid option is also available. Preheated parts receive a fluidizing powder treatment first, and the coating melts before dry coating begins. This method is useful for difficult projects that require more intervention, often due to previous damage. It will take longer to cure and often requires a post-curing process, too. Once finished, the fluid option is just as effective and non-hazardous as the dry method.

The benefits

There are many benefits to powder coating that are not available when you use conventional paint. For one, it is often difficult to get the entire surface with paint, especially if there are ornate embellishments or sharp angles. The electrostatic charge of powder coating assures all surfaces are covered, even the hard-to-reach areas.

Another benefit is reinforcement. When you paint furniture, car parts or staircases, you only coat the surface. There is no chemical reaction that strengthens the surfaces. Also, the elements will still wear out the paint. Painting patio furniture one year often means completing the task again the following season. This is not an issue with powder coating. Unlike with conventional paint, powder coating leaves items resistant to UV rays, moisture, impacts and chemical corrosion.

There are many colors and textures available with powder coating, but it is meant to match or enhance the original color, not really change it. If you want to make changes, just ask us, and we can make recommendations.

Call Powder Vision Inc. and learn the power of powder coating in Preston, WA. There are few industrial and household items that will not benefit from it, and we look forward to you enjoying the results.