Metal Frame Powder Coating in Preston, WA Preserves Motorcycles Through Bad Weather

The frequently wet weather here makes metal frame powder coating in Preston, WA essential for motorcycles. Even if you only take your motorcycle out during spring and summer, you will still face the occasional rainstorm. Powder coating helps your motorcycle withstand these episodes better. Here is why you should consider this treatment before you start riding again:

  • Options: Powder coating treatment is available in many colors and textures. You can choose the latest in modern colors or use a clear coat to preserve an original paint color. It will not affect the shade, but it will keep it fresh for the long term, as sun and rain threaten to fade it. Choices include high or low gloss, metallic, standard colors and fluorescent finishes for the most ostentatious custom work. You will find something for any preference you desire.
  • Works on all parts: You want powder coating for at least the frame, but sub-frames, wheels, clutch covers, handlebars and more can benefit from the process, too. These surfaces require extra protection due to their exposure to the elements and the number of times you need to handle them. The powder coat retains the color and metal condition of surfaces even as use and weather threaten to change it. When you have an older model that has been ridden for decades, powder coating is especially useful for preserving it.
  • Shine chrome: Tail pipes and cylinders are on display, and you want to keep them clean and nice. Powder coating helps highlight these parts and improves the overall appearance of your motorcycle. If you restored your motorcycle using old rusty parts that you needed to clean, add powder coating to be sure that effort was not futile. Once you shine these parts, the extra powder coat will preserve that condition.
  • Protection: Frame and engine parts endure constant assault from the elements. Even when the rain dries up, your motorcycle is still not spared. UV rays will work against paint and metal, too. Treat exposed engine and frame parts to give them a shield from the weather and help them look great and last longer. Once you work hard removing rust, the powder coating will prevent it from returning.
  • Durability: Powder coated frames and components last longer. The pre-treatment stage during powder coating produces a shell that acts as additional reinforcement. Your motorcycle will look better and last longer, even if you drive it to Sturgis every summer or plan a cross-country road trip.
  • Safe: Powder coating offers you these benefits without carcinogens or other hazardous chemicals or solvents. It is effective and safe for you and the environment. Restoring and maintaining vehicles involves many processes that are not exactly environmentally-friendly. This will be one step you take that will not pollute or threaten health and safety.

Call Powder Vision Inc. today to see how metal frame powder coating in Preston, WA can preserve your motorcycle all year round. We also offer sandblasting in case you need extra help removing rust.