Can Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA Save Your Boat from Corrosion?

January seems to be the time of year that most of us start looking forward to warmer weather and no longer being confined to our homes. If you’re a boating or fishing enthusiast, you’re probably counting the days until you can get back out on the water. But did you ever stop to think if your boat is as ready for the water as you are? Winter is actually the perfect time to assess the condition of your boat and start prepping it for use in the warmer weather ahead.

The combination of exposure to water and sunlight works to corrode the metal surfaces found on your boat. Left untreated, the integrity of your boat could become compromised, resulting in expensive repairs or the need to replace parts. If you’ve noticed the early stages of corrosion on your boat, now is the time to stop the problem in its tracks by investing in some powder coating services in Preston, WA. If you’re considering a powder coating paint job for your boat, here are several points to consider.

Removes rust

If your boat has already begun to show severe signs of corrosion, such as rust, simply painting over it is not going to help. An already rusted surface must be prepped properly to remove the rust before recoating. The best way to do this is through sandblasting, which is part of the powder coating process. Metal surfaces are first sandblasted to remove rust and ensure that the powder coating has a clean surface to properly adhere to.

Increased durability

Powder coating, unlike paint, is basically baked onto the metal surfaces of your boat. This provides an exterior that is inherently tougher, thicker, and longer lasting than what can be achieved by using more traditional painting procedures.

Lasting protection

The metal surfaces on a boat take quite a beating from the constant exposure to water and sunlight. The result is a compromised painted surface where water seeps through and starts to corrode the metal underneath. Powder coating, however, helps to rectify this. Powder coating, because it starts off as a powder and is basically melted onto the surface of your boat, creates a non-porous top coat that protects the metal surface from the effects of water and sunlight.

Cost-effective solution

Investing in powder coating your boat is actually a very cost-effective solution. Left untreated, metal parts on your boat—such as railings, window frames and other hardware—will need to be replaced. Powder coating actually saves you money by stopping corrosion in its tracks, rather than forcing you to buy all new parts.

Don’t let corrosion ruin your boat this winter. Stop corrosion in its tracks by investing in powder coating services in Preston, WA. We guarantee that powder coating your boat will not only make it look great, but it will also protect it from the effects of water and sun exposure for years to come. Give Powder Vision Inc. a call today to schedule an appointment for powder coating service!