Five Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Powder Coating Contractor

Confidence is key when hiring any contractor. You want to know that your contractor is not only skilled enough to do the work, but that he is also reliable and trustworthy. If you’re looking to hire a contractor to do powder coating in Preston, WA for you, you may feel a little out of your element. Understanding the different powder coating processes and benefits may seem overwhelming, which is why it’s even more important you work with someone you can trust.

But how do you find the right contractor if you’re not an expert in powder coating? You have to ask the right questions. To help you find a contractor to do your powder coating in Preston, WA, here are five questions you should ask before signing a contract.

How long have you been in the powder coating industry?

When it comes to hiring a powder coating contractor, nothing beats experience. An experienced contractor not only has a large number of jobs under his belt, but he also has exposure to different types of work. He can anticipate problems and come up with the best possible powder coating solution to meet your specific needs.

Do you have a website with examples of work you’ve completed?

This question is important for two reasons: 1) Having a website shows that the contractor is a legitimate business. 2) A gallery is a great way to see what type of work the contractor has experience doing, and the quality of that work. If the contractor you’re considering doesn’t have a website or examples of his work, keep looking.

Do you use sub-contractors?

For some projects, like building a house, working with sub-contractors is a smart idea. For powder coating, however, this is not really the case. If your powder coating contractor uses sub-contractors, it can be hard to guarantee the quality of the work or pinpoint who is responsible if something goes wrong. At Powder Vision Inc., we actually have a quality assurance department to ensure that the end product meets our client’s expectations.

Do you have your own equipment?

A legitimate contractor with experience will have his own equipment. If the contractor you’re considering has to rent equipment to get the job done, chances are he hasn’t been in business very long or doesn’t do this type of work very often.

Do you have references I can call?

This is a question you should ask any contractor. Having references on a website is good, but you have no way of knowing if they are real or not. Even if you don’t actually end up calling your contractor’s references, it’s reassuring to know that they have them available to give you.

No matter what type of powder coating in Preston, WA you’re looking to have completed, you deserve to work with an experienced contractor that you can trust. By asking the five questions above, you can ensure that you are getting a powder coating contractor that will get the job done right.

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