Powder Coating in Preston, WA May Make the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The holidays should not just be about buying the people you love something new and glitzy. Sometimes it’s best to try to bring something they love back to life. It could be anything, just as long as it means something to them. From where we sit, powder coating offers our clients the ability to do just that. Imagine taking something old and rusted—like that hard-to-find part for your granddad’s vintage Harley—and breathing new life and utility into it. At Powder Vision Inc., we can do that!

Here are some good ideas for gifting your family the miracle of powder coating in Preston, WA this holiday season:

  • Your mom’s rusting metal staircase: When your parents moved into your family home 35 years ago, your mom fell in love with the spiral staircase off of the beautiful back deck. But after more than three decades of wear and tear and harsh winters, it just looks tired and rusty. From those rails to each of the steps, we can make sure it looks like new again.
  • You dad’s classic motorcycle: Restoring classic bikes is a pastime many people enjoy, but it’s also one that takes years of searching for hard-to-find parts and countless hours of assembly and disassembly. Wouldn’t it be nice if your dad’s 15-year project bike had the parts he needed all ready to go? Dig through his box of parts and see if you can help his project along.
  • Your best friend’s favorite flask: Remember your wedding day all those years ago? It was the day your best friend stood by your side and kept you from losing it. Well, that flask you gave him still has its place in his tackle box—it still goes along on every fishing trip. Wouldn’t it be nice to restore it to its former glory with professional powder coating in Preston, WA?
  • Your sister’s weathered sunroom furniture:Your sister—like your mom with her spiral staircase—fell in love with her family’s home because of the sunroom. But today, life with three kids has her focused on everyone else, and not on relaxing in her sunroom. Not to mention the fact that her favorite cast iron chairs look as tired as she feels. After a few days with us, her favorite outdoor set will be looking like the day she bought it.
  • Your grandparents’ decorative outdoor sculptures: The grandparents may be up there in age, but they love their gardening. And at one point your granddad may have planned on fixing up all those yard sculptures. Unfortunately, the years got away from him and now they just sit there distracting everyone from their lovely prize-winning flowers. Sneak them our way and we will get them looking 100 percent again.

If you are looking for a company to do powder coating in Preston, WA, either for yourself or for others, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Powder Vision Inc. Let us know what items can benefit from a coat of new life this holiday season—or anytime!