How Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA Can Help Retailers Get a Fresh Look for the New Year

For small business owners, the holidays are a make-or-break time. You know this, because as a shop owner you routinely put in long hours from morning to night, and you watch as your retail space takes a hard beating time after time. After a couple years of this routine, with all the constant stocking and moving of inventory, the racks and merchandising infrastructure you rely on starts to look tired and worn out.

Of course, you want your shop to leave a good impression on your customers! But while it may be a little late to spice up your shop’s metal features with professional powder coating services in Preston, WA before the holiday shopping rush, you still have time to get it ready to show off during the new year. With this in mind, here are a few simple powder coating fixes you can make to transform your business and start the new year off with a bang.

Racks and shelves

Racks and shelves made of strong metals take a serious beating throughout the year, but around Christmastime, it is especially bad. From the constant revolution of products coming and going to the run-ins with errant shopping carts piloted by kids on sugar cookie highs, it doesn’t take much to make a new rack look like it just went through a tornado. When the shopping season subsides, bring us your wounded shelving and we will return it back to its original appearance.

Mannequins and displays

Just like your shop’s racks and shelves, mannequins and other displays made of metal put up with a lot of abuse from the hordes of shoppers pushing through your business. Broken arms can be glued back on and displays can be bent back into shape, but they never seem to look quite the same. Luckily, with a professional powder coating job, they can indeed look like new again!

Lighting and sconces

A successful business is about more than just selling products and having up-to-date displays; your overall shop atmosphere matters, too. If your industrial metal lighting isn’t looking so hot anymore, quick and effective powder coating services in Preston, WA can return it to its original glory—and currently mismatched lighting can be fixed up to match the rest of your business’ theme!

Forget buying new!

One of the best parts about powder coating metal is that you don’t need to buy your retail equipment new anymore. Instead, you can buy fixer-uppers and return them to their former loveliness with powder coating. Estate sales, business closures and auctions become an opportunity to expand your business’ potential.

Because each business and location is different, it’s up to you as the business owner to decide what to do when it comes to your metal retail fixtures. The above items are just some of the many metal things on which powder coating can work its magic. For help determining which powder coating services in Preston, WA you want to invest in for the new year, contact the experts in the field at Powder Vision Inc. We will have your retail space or small business shop looking like new in no time!