Powder Coating: A Final Touch for Your Upcycled Gifts

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is coming up fast. For many of us, Black Friday is a nightmare, but year after year we brave the stores trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. But with the cost of Christmas going up every year, not to mention the near impossibility of finding just the right gift, many people have started looking for alternatives to more traditional gifts. One very popular alternative is upcycling.

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the revamping of discarded or useless objects in order to repurpose them or convert them into products of better quality. Upcycling has become a trend among more creative gift givers because it’s a low cost way to give handmade, unique, custom gifts from the heart while doing something good for the environment. A quick look at Etsy or Pinterest will show you how very popular upcycling has become. Almost anything can be upcycled with the right tools and know how, and that’s where powder coating can help.

How powder coating can help

Powder coating is a unique painting process where powdered paint is applied to a metal surface and then baked to a fluid state when it can bond to the surface. Powder coating can be used on any metal, which makes it the perfect finish to your upcycled gifts. At our powder coating shop in Preston, WA, we do all types of metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and other metals. If upcycling items with the intent of repurposing them isn’t your thing, but you have a classic car or vintage item that you’d like to revamp as a gift, we do that, too.

If you’re thinking of saving money and the environment by making an upcycled gift this year, powder coating should be the last touch to your project. Powder coating will not only add a beautiful color and finish to your project, but it will ensure a superior durability as well. Our pre-painting steps help remove and prevent rust, while the final curing of the coating ensures a protective seal. So whatever your metal upcycling gift may be, powder coating will help ensure that it looks good for years to come. And don’t forget that our process is completely green, too, so if you’re upcycling to help the environment, our process is the perfect combination of environmentally friendly and durable.

There’s a reason people say, “They don’t make things the way they used to.” Handcrafted products made from quality materials are just not part of the streamlined consumerism we have today. That’s why there’s been a turn to upcycling quality items from the past. Metal industrial carts are upcycled into beautiful tables, old metal buckets are made into lighting fixtures and the list goes on. The opportunities for creativity are endless. And as long as your upcycling project involves metal, you can bring it into our powder coating shop in Preston, WA and we’ll help you add the perfect final touches. Get in touch with Powder Vision Inc. today for more information.