How Our Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA Ensure Durability

When oxygen and moisture come into contact with metal, rust is inevitable. Rust not only looks bad, but it also weakens the integrity of the metal, leading to the overall breakdown of the surface. From industrial equipment to garden fences, anything made of metal that is exposed to the outdoor elements is bound to rust.

But what if you could breathe new life into those metal surfaces and not only remove the rust that’s there, but also protect it from rust for years to come? If you think that sounds too good to be true, we have news for you: that’s exactly what we do. Our innovative powder coating process not only brings your metal surfaces back to their original state, but it protects them from rust and ensures durability for years to come. To help you better understand how our powder coating services in Preston, WA increase durability, here’s an overview of the way our process works.

Media blasting

The first step in our powder coating process is media blasting. Media blasting is a process in which small particles of various abrasive substances are blasted at a surface at an extremely high velocity. This blasting allows us to effectively remove rust and old paint from metal surfaces without damaging the metal itself. Although there are a lot of different options for the abrasives used in media blasting, we use only eco-friendly options for our process.

Alkaline cleaning

Alkaline cleaning is the next step in our process. Our alkaline cleaners consist of alkaline salts, wetting agents and sequestrant agents. The alkaline salts work as a displacement, meaning that they displace contaminants on the surface of your metal, allowing them to be easily rinsed away. The sequestrant agents are basically chemicals that remove ions from a solution. You can think of the sequestrant agents as a type of preservative that fights against rust. Together, the alkaline salts and sequestrant agents are a cleaning, rust-fighting machine.


After the metal surface has been properly prepped and cleaned, the painting begins. The powder coating we use is sprayed on the metal surface using an electrostatic painting process. Once the surface is painted, we move on to the curing process. During this process, the newly coated surface is put into an oven where it is subjected to temperatures hot enough to essentially cause the powder paint to melt and bond, which creates a seamless finish that won’t allow moisture and air to reach the metal surface underneath.

Quality assurance

The final step in our process is a quality assurance check. Our team will carefully inspect your project on several points to ensure that the coating adhered properly and there are no defects in the surface. Our end goal is a perfect finish that is impenetrable.

If you’re interested in powder coating services in Preston, WA, you’ll see that our process is superior when it comes to quality and durability. We’ve perfected our technique to ensure the highest marks for overall finish, color and durability. To learn more about how Powder Vision Inc. works to ensure lasting results, please get in touch with us today.