When Powder Coating in Preston, WA Goes Wrong

Troubleshooting powder coating issues is challenging. Since there are many elements that could fail, finding a reputable shop is crucial. When the powder coating process goes slowly or seems to fall short of expectations, it can take time to find the problem and implement a solution. Here are the problems and solutions that often arise with the powder coating process:

  • Lack of Kv reading: Each powder coating gun should indicate a Kv reading, which informs the technician of whether the powder contains enough of a charge to bond with the surface. Without this information, it can be impossible to complete a powder coating project successfully. Many times, this arises from power loss, LED issues or internal gun failures that indicate it is time to replace equipment. It usually requires the technician to switch out painting guns so the original one can be repaired.
  • Powder surges: Powder coating in Preston, WA works best when there is an even stream emanating from the powder coating gun. However, there are instances when too much is released, and that is called surging. Application becomes uneven or ineffective, meaning the item being powder coated will not be thoroughly protected. Guns that do this may require new seals or need a blockage removed. Powder hoses that are worn out may also fail to provide enough compressed air, which also results in surges. Technicians respond by changing out seals or checking the lift tube in the gun hopper. Either of these approaches will normally stop the problem.
  • Drifting powder: If the powder is charged, it should attach directly to the treated surface. However, there are instances when it drifts from the spray booth, and that indicates an interruption in air supply. The solution involves changing out air filters or removing any clogs in the hoses. That normally solves the issue. If the air filters are changed, technicians will often change out the cartridge filters, too, so they are all on the same schedule.
  • No stick: Powder is supposed to stick and bond to the surface, but sometimes, that does not occur. The most common cause of this problem is low Kv. As mentioned, the charge is important for assuring the powder adheres to the treatment surface. Guns may also be inadequately grounded, and electrical contact failure is sometimes to blame. Powder buildup also reduces the charge. This issue has so many different scenarios, it is usually the most difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot. Fortunately, once a cause is isolated, it is easy to solve.
  • Uncured powder: Powder that is not stored correctly or becomes exposed to extreme temperatures will not behave as expected when it is time to powder coat a surface. If it is uncured, it will not charge or bond. The best solution is prevention, and if this issue arises frequently, it is time to check storage facilities for shortcomings.
  • Bad process lines: Difficult to troubleshoot and solve, this is not a problem technicians like to discover. Sometimes, cleaning the process lines will help everything work again, but other times, getting into nozzle alignment, bath cleanliness and other complex considerations becomes necessary.

Hiring an experienced technician is necessary for fast and effective powder coating in Preston, WA. Powder Vision, Inc. has experience with many types of projects and is available to impress you with our results!