Call Your Powder Coating Shop in Preston, WA for Winterizing Services

‘Tis the season for winterization! If you want to preserve your outdoor items during rain and freezing weather, your powder coating shop in Preston, WA is here to help. While you get ready to cover hose spigots and drain hot tubs, here are items you do not want to overlook in your winterization tasks:

  • Fences: After installing that nice wrought iron fence, the last thing you want is to have it assaulted by the elements. If it is a newer fence and you are unsure if it has a powder coat finish, make arrangements to have that done. Older fences will also show signs of surface deterioration if their finishes are starting to give out. Restore their finish and your fence will enjoy weather protection for another period of years.
  • Outdoor furniture: If you run a restaurant and have a permanent outdoor seating area, arranging for powder coating services will preserve any metal pieces. The same is true for homeowners with patio furniture. Even if you have a place to store it during inclement weather season, adding powder coating now protects it from temperature changes and any water leaks. Plus, you will know your furniture survives when you take it out only for it to get soaked by a rainstorm.
  • Staircases and handrails: Winter weather can make outdoor metal staircases hazardous. Adding powder coating reduces the danger, as well as your chances of facing personal liability should someone sustain injuries. We work on the handrails, too, so people can use staircases safely and never worry about one giving out at just the wrong time. Of all your outdoor structures, your staircases require powder coating the most for these reasons.
  • Signs: A clean and flashy sign will continue to attract customers throughout the season, while one that is rusty and corroded will give the wrong message that you do not care. Signs that advertise or indicate names of businesses and neighborhoods need a little extra help to remain attractive and functional during the winter. Call us in to powder coat them so they continue to attract attention in a good way.
  • Vehicles: Rims, chrome and other metal parts on vehicles could use extra shielding. This is especially true with motorcycles. If you plan on fuel-efficient commuting even when the temperatures drop, powder coating will keep your motorcycle shining and prevent rust. You can even consider this for your work vehicles, since they face the muddiest and most corrosive conditions possible.
  • Decorative metal: Outdoor sculptures and building embellishments also take a beating during this time of year. Preserve their aesthetic qualities with an application of powder coating and you will enjoy their beauty for the long term. Consider the same for that gazebo or other decorative structure that may still offer shelter to the less weather-wary. If you cannot bring it indoors, give your metal items a good powder coating to help them last.

Powder Vision, Inc. is your local powder coating shop in Preston, WA. Call us today to see how we can help you get ready for winter.