Protect Your Equipment with Commercial Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Consumers often see powder coating as a way to preserve appearance or add a decorative finish. Commercial powder coating in Preston, WA, however, has different goals. When heavy equipment and machinery comes in for powder coating, it is done to preserve the long-term potential of those items. Here is why you should consider powder coating for manufacturing capital, farm equipment and other machinery essential for commercial applications:

  • No industry untouched: There are few industries that would not benefit from powder coating. Even if you run a light industrial operation like a restaurant or retail site, you likely use equipment that needs powder coating. Any metal equipment or heavy machinery can benefit from it, and even the lightest industries have mechanical items they rely on every day. Powder coating is a favorite in construction, aviation, manufacturing and landscaping services, and that is because it works. You can call us today to see how it can help your business, too.
  • Reduced wear and tear: Powder coating uses an electrostatic charge to bind to the surface and form a protective shell. Machinery that is subjected to outdoor environments benefits from this protection, as does equipment that often works under extreme conditions, including heat and heavy work. Powder coating protects against impacts, UV light, humidity and even harsh chemicals. If your equipment receives a powder coat, it will enjoy premium protection that will help it better stand up to daily use.
  • Improved durability: Even the heaviest and toughest machines can wear out from mere use, and that is often expected. However, there is not always consideration on how to make materials stronger. In addition to providing a protective shell, the powder coating treatment also binds the metal elements so they become more durable. Add powder coating to your construction vehicles, appliances and outdoor structures to extend their useful life.
  • Better worker safety: No business wants a workplace accident. You can lose productivity from a worker being laid up, and will likely have to pay a workers’ compensation claim, too. Making equipment more durable reduces this risk. Fewer failures mean fewer workplace accidents, and your employees will thank you. That adds another productivity booster to your workplace: good morale.
  • Reduced chemical usage: Controlling pollution is a big priority these days, so you likely have to consider environmental regulations. Preserving equipment without using solvents adds new challenges in keeping up with these requirements while also assuring that your capital lasts. Powder coating is a clean process that does not use solvents. It is your green alternative to chemical finishes that also works well.
  • Increased productivity: Adding powder coating will reduce downtime that results from equipment failure. Instead of shutting down to allow for repairs or the replacement of equipment, productivity continues without interruption. You will meet your deadlines and production goals and plan for maintenance rather than manage unexpected repairs.

If you are interested in commercial powder coating in Preston, WA, contact Powder Vision, Inc. You will enjoy the better reliability and safety that powder coating adds to your equipment.