Call Us for Staircase Powder Coating in Preston, WA Before the Rain Hits

The summer days will soon end, and it will be time to reinforce your commercial premises or outdoor residential features for the upcoming wet season. That is why now is a good time to consider staircase powder coating in Preston, WA. While much of the emphasis on powder coating is on appearance, there are other advantages that you should also consider. Here is why you should make an appointment to powder coat your staircase for aesthetic and practical reasons:

  • Safety: This is a big one because many lawsuits arise from the humble staircase. Failing to maintain yours will result in liability, because it is your legal responsibility to repair it and keep it safe. If someone is injured, you (or your insurance) will have to pay damages. Even if no one is hurt, you will still lose access to your staircase and its destination if it becomes too unsafe for use. You can maintain safety by powder coating your staircase since the treatment will stand up to weather and the usual wear and tear. In addition to powder coating outdoor staircases, you can keep indoor staircases safe as well, since powder coating them can prevent corrosion.
  • Maintain appearance: Powder coating is a finishing method, and when you are lucky enough to have an iron staircase outdoors, you want it to maintain its best appearance. Adding powder coating is providing a protective layer. The color and texture will stay the same, only now it enjoys extra preservation. Other waterproofing methods will often change the color of metal, but that does not occur with powder coating. The powder coating will also preserve condition, so the staircase will look as good in spring as it does now before it faces the weather onslaught.
  • Ready for all weather: Even if Preston gets a rare snowy day with ice, the powder coating will still do its job. Extreme cold, hot temperatures, bright sunlight reflected off snow and other weather elements will not challenge it. It can literally take everything that is thrown at it—nature included!
  • Environmentally friendly: Many treatments contain fumes or contaminants. This can be a nightmare for anyone suffering allergies, respiratory conditions or chemical sensitivity. Powder coating contains no adverse elements and does not compromise air quality. You will like this option whether you have a household of asthma sufferers or prefer using a product that is nice to the Earth.
  • Low cost: Since the process of powder coating is relatively simple and does not require extensive equipment, it tends to be quick and less costly than other surface treatment methods. One treatment lasts a long time, even on outdoor features, so you do not have to repeat the process anytime soon. Also, since it protects your staircase well, you will save money on future repairs or replacement of your staircase.

Staircase powder coating in Preston, WA is an excellent investment, especially with fall arriving soon. Call Powder Vision, Inc. to make arrangements to treat your staircases and other indoor or outdoor features.