Improving Your Industrial Operations Through Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Believe it or not, powder coating in Preston, WA can do more for your machinery than just making it look better on the outside. There are many benefits to using powder coating over traditional paint for your industrial machines.

What is powder coating?

First, let’s start off by explaining powder coating and how it’s applied. Powder coating in Preston, WA is applied by electrostatically spraying a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin onto any type of metal surface. The mixture is then baked onto the surface resulting in the perfect color for the metal surfaces on your machine.

Why should I use it?

As aforementioned, there are many reasons to use powder coating over traditional methods of painting. In fact, powder coating is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for industrial finishing. Listed below are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s more durable: Traditional painting techniques require a fresh coat every few years. The colors on powder coated machine are guaranteed to stay vibrant longer, and be more resistant to chips that are bound to occur in the coat of paint.
  • It protects against rust and corrosion: Going along with its durability, powder coating is guaranteed to protect your machinery against harmful rust and/or corrosion. As a business owner, your greatest expenses are probably your machinery. The last thing you want to spend more money on are new machines or spending money to fix machines that have been damaged by the elements. A nice layer of powder will help increase the longevity of your machines and keep money in your pocket!
  • It’s better for the environment: Traditional painting finishes require the use of solvents and other chemicals to apply the coat. These chemicals are bad for the environment and can also be dangerous to the painter’s health. Powder coating in Preston, WA doesn’t require any solvents, and has very few effects on the environment.
  • It helps improve fire safety: Without solvents, which are often very flammable, the risk of a fire in your building is greatly reduced during the application process.
  • It has faster application times: Nothing hurts business more than having machinery that’s down for maintenance or painting. With fewer machines, you’re more liable to miss important deadlines which not only costs money, but also makes your business look inefficient. Powder coating is a quicker application process than traditional painting so your business will suffer fewer (if any) losses. Any touch ups that are needed to the powder coating are also quick and easy.
  • It improves your machinery’s appearance: The variety of options that are available in powder coating are almost unfathomable. You can obviously choose any color you can think of. After that you can choose the grittiness of the coat as well as a variety of finishes. From a matte finish to a glossy finish, the possibilities are limitless!

Before you resort to having your machinery repainted with a traditional paint, call us at 425-222-6363 to find out how our master technicians can help improve your business with powder coating.