Prepare Your Motorcycle for Summer with Powder Coating in Preston, WA

The sun is out and it is time to enjoy your motorcycle! However, sun can be just as brutal to your modern or classic bike as rain, snow and flying debris on the road. Before you start to explore on two wheels, consider ordering powder coating in Preston, WA to help your bike look good and stay that way. Here is why powder coating works so well on motorcycles:

  • Works for all the parts: There is not a single part you need to skip for powder coating. In fact, if you just restored a classic Harley, it likely has seen more of the elements and could use it over most of its area. Start with the frame and sub frame, and move on with wheels, hubs, clutch covers and handlebars. Your bike will become an example of summer preparation as other bikes fade but yours shines all season long.
  • Keeps the color and texture you desire: You just finished restoring that Indian and want the original color. With the range of colors and textures available for powder coating, you can maintain that color and keep it protected without changing it. If you decide to change the color, you have that option as well. Choose high or low gloss, fluorescents or metallic colors. Only your preference is your limitation.
  • Makes the chrome shine: Tail pipes and cylinders are exposed on motorcycles, and it makes no sense to shine up all the other parts but leave those dingy. Just because they are part of the motor does not mean they deserve less attention. Powder coat them for extra highlighting and protection so your entire bike shines.
  • Protection from the sun—and everything else: Motorcycles are vulnerable, especially the classic models that have been around forever. Rain, sun and flying gravel on the road can compromise their appearance and give you more restoration in the future. Add powder coating and your work load will likely decrease. If you restore a motorcycle, adding powder coating after you remove all the rust helps make sure that it never returns again.
  • It’s safe: There are no hazardous chemicals, solvents or carcinogens in powder coating. Vehicle and motorcycle restoration is frequently one of the most toxic hobbies, as it involves hazardous waste disposal and a high landfill count. You can reduce these effects by choosing the “green” option of powder coating for a safe option and supporting the longevity of your motorcycle.
  • A longer-lasting, happier bike: Powder coating’s pretreatment stage makes materials more resistant to wear and tear. While this does not mean that you will completely avoid damage to your bike, you may discover that it is less serious and easier to repair. Since motorcycle riders often feel vulnerable, this extra bit of assurance is helpful.

Make your motorcycle better with powder coating in Preston, WA before you take it out on the road this summer. Call Powder Vision Inc. to make arrangements and add this protection to your bike.