Why Your Business Needs Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA

The dry weather is finally hitting, and your business property may require a post-winter makeover. Powder coating services in Preston, WA offer many ways to make a business property look better. Your clientele will be outside soon and looking at how you present yourself. Here are six items that could benefit from powder coating:

  • Restaurant tables: No one wants to sit at a dingy restaurant table. There are people out there who generally feel public eating establishments are not clean, and you do not want to reinforce that by giving the outdoor porch seating inferior treatment. Powder coating protects outdoor furniture from wear and tear that often occurs from patrons spilling beer or from general use, no matter how gentle. Keeping your outdoor furniture pristine also attracts people who happen to be out wandering, but who may decide to stop for wine and a snack on the way after seeing your outdoor seating arrangement.
  • Benches: You may have outdoor benches for waiting patrons if you are a restaurant, or simply keep one nearby to be nice to the wandering foot traffic. No matter why you have a bench, understand that it takes a beating from sun, rain and snow. Park services will keep their benches nice with powder coating, and you would be advised to do the same.
  • Canopies: If you take your fresh honey to the farmer’s market or attend outdoor trade shows, you likely own a canopy. Most people are concerned about keeping their canopies sealed so they do not get soaked from a sudden rainstorm. However, frames can rust and look rough, too. Take care of your canopy with powder coating. The same is true if you have a gazebo or more permanent structure. You want these places to be a draw to your customers—not a frightening, ugly place that chases them away.
  • Murals: One day, you invested money in hiring an artist to paint an outdoor mural. Now, keep it nice and preserved with a layer of powder coating. It will keep the colors bright without changing the look of the work. Take this extra step so you and your customers can enjoy the artwork for years to come.
  • Ironwork. After years of saving money, you finally built that wrought iron fence or installed elaborate door handles. Your business now celebrates a unique look, and the last thing you want is weather and use making it fade. Powder coating offers superior metal protection, especially for embellished pieces. It binds with the surface, which keeps it from changing its appearance.
  • Light fixtures. Light is more than a necessity—it also offers security and reassurance. People wandering on warm summer nights are more likely to visit a well-lit establishment. Allowing your light fixtures to corrode will not help with this goal. Get powder coating for these parts, as well, and you will literally become the light at the end of the tunnel.

When you are ready for spring cleaning through powder coating services in Preston, WA, contact Powder Vision Inc. today. Tell us what you have, and we will offer efforts to preserve it.