Five Helpful Care Tips for Powder Coated Surfaces

Powder coating in Preston, WA offers an extra layer of fortification against the elements. Even then, it can be challenged, and after especially rough winters or the simple passage of time, items may require another treatment if you wish for them to remain protected. To help powder coating stand up to the relentless assaults against it, follow these care tips:

  • Avoid harsh solvents: Commercial cleaners on the market frequently contain solvents that can compromise powder coating. Their abrasiveness can slowly wear through the surface, leaving damages and stains, cutting the longevity of powder coating in half. Eventually, the surface will fail. When you get powder coating treatment, ask your technician for recommended cleaners in order to avoid this mistake. Mild soap and water is your best bet when it comes to detergents for your powder coated surfaces. A common misconception favors petroleum-based products, but they are actually more damaging to the finish, as they will break down the micro-layers after a while.
  • Invest in a pressure washer: For larger structures like bus shelters, staircases or outdoor furniture, pressure washing is the best method to keep these items shining without compromising their surfaces. Use filtered water when possible, or buy a pressure washer with water filters installed. Keep a lower pressure setting and use mild detergents, like those recommended by your technician. Be aware that if you do not have access to filtered water, you may find staining from sulfur, iron oxide and other elements present in your tap water.
  • Wax: Adding wax after cleaning powder coated surfaces protects them further and helps them last longer. There are treatments made specifically for powder coating that are not abrasive and contain UV protection. Avoid compound waxes, and once you finish the job, make sure there is no residual wax, as it will concentrate UV rays rather than repel them.
  • Watch decorated areas: If your powder coated surface involves detailed iron work or other embellished details, you will need to pay close attention to those areas. These are the surfaces most likely to collect dirt and other corrosive elements, so you need to keep them clean or protected. It is not uncommon for more elaborate staircases or railings to require cleaning or treatment more frequently, so do not be surprised if the embellishments are where you see fading or other changes first. More elaborate structures frequently mean more maintenance.
  • Know when it is time for another treatment: Since circumstances are always different, it is difficult to predict how long powder coating in Preston, WA will last. Areas exposed to precipitation or sunlight will challenge powder coating more. If you lack access to filtered water, that can also compromise powder coating. When the color fades significantly and you notice stains, it may be time to arrange for another layer of powder coating. Your surfaces are always better off powder coated, but some years, you’ll find that the elements are a bigger threat than in others.

With good care and maintenance, your powder coated surfaces will remain durable and attractive for years to come. For expert powder coating in Preston, WA, contact Powder Vision Inc today.