Elements That Make Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA Essential

When you invest in powder coating services in Preston, WA, you help your staircases, shelters, motorcycles, outdoor furniture and many other items survive the great outdoors much better. However, the surface will face constant threats. Powder coating makes an effective layer against these, but can also break down itself during especially trying circumstances. These are the elements that diminish the appearance of your outdoor items and, eventually, break down the powder coating protective properties:

  • Unfiltered water: When cleaning powder coated surfaces, it is recommended you use filtered water. Your conventional tap water out of the hose contains elements that lead to discoloration at least, or a complete breakdown of the protective surface at worst. If you do not have access to unfiltered water, or your pressure washer does not contain filters, you can expect powder coating to diminish sooner than if you were to use filtered water. Under these circumstances, you may wish to consider ways to clean items that do not involve water, like using a soft-bristle brush or wiping down with a soft cloth. Some exposure to unfiltered water is less controlled, such as areas near sprinklers or irrigation, so expect to powder coat more frequently in those situations.
  • Sun: It is no secret that UV rays can wreak havoc on painted surfaces. Powder coating is also affected by UV rays, even as it protects items against them. The process can be adjusted for areas that are more sun-exposed to reduce the effects of UV. However, if an especially hot summer brings more sun to your patio than usual, be prepared to invest in another treatment if you notice fading.
  • Chlorine and salt water: Outdoor furniture near swimming pools benefits well from powder coating. The same is true for furniture in seaside resorts—salt is just as corrosive as chlorine. Those in hospitality industries often need to treat their outdoor furniture more frequently, not just due to guest use, but also due to the properties of salt water or pool water treated with chlorine.
  • Commercial cleaning solutions: It is a common misconception that petroleum-based detergents are the best option for powder coating. Truthfully, these cleansers break down the organic polymer finish that is the essence of powder coating protection. Many items have to be sanded and retreated because not only does the surface break down, but it also develops a texture that makes it impossible to keep clean. Your best bet for detergents is mild soap and filtered water. If you can get away with not using detergent, that is also recommended.
  • Pollution: If your home or business is in an area with lower air quality, it is likely that you will need to invest in powder coating services in Preston, WA more frequently. Pollution also includes abrasives and other elements that can break away at the protective layers. You will need to keep an eye on the condition so you can get items retreated before the pollution gains direct access to these surfaces.

For protection of your outdoor investments all year round, contact Powder Vision Inc for powder coating services in Preston, WA.