Staircase Powder Coating in Preston, WA and Three Other Ways to Protect Your Property This Winter

Staircase powder coating in Preston, WA is frequently a necessary service, as winter weather often challenges outdoor structures. Most powder coating projects will involve staircases for that reason. However, they are not the only items that benefit from this non-toxic and useful process. If you have valuable outdoor structures or equipment made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel or brass, chances are they will look and perform better with this service. Here are four items to consider for powder coating in 2016:

  • Staircases: Your outdoor staircase takes a beating all winter long from wind and precipitation. Not only would you likely prefer that your staircase remain attractive all year round, there are also liability issues to consider. Stairs generate the most premises liability cases because people slip on them, fall through them or otherwise sustain injuries. They can literally be the most dangerous feature on your property. By protecting the integrity of staircases with powder coating, you will appreciate their functionality over the potential dangers. Businesses and homes alike can benefit from this extra assurance.
  • Motorcycles: Being outside in the elements does not help the durability of motorcycles. Rain and snow can affect the frame and engine surfaces, leaving both vulnerable to corrosion. You are likely already feeling exposed just riding your motorcycle in traffic, and the last thing you want is for it to be structurally compromised as well. The pretreatment stage in powder coating bonds with surfaces, making it more resistant to wear and tear. It will protect, strengthen and make your motorcycle impervious even to rust. You can keep your new bike looking that way, or add an extra protective coating to a restoration project.
  • Signs: The days may be darker and colder, but you still want your customers to find your storefront or restaurant. Help your signs last through the winter with powder coating. Colors remain vibrant, which keeps your business noticeable no matter the weather. Powder coating also helps signs last through multiple winter seasons so you do not have to absorb the costs of replacing them each spring.
  • Outdoor embellishment: You likely paid serious cash for metal embellishment on your home or business. The same is true if you invested in sculptures and other attention‑attracting forms of self-expression for your porch or your yard. You can help columns, statuary, canisters and even high-end patio furniture make it through winter with a good layer of powder coating. While the weather may be a bit too wet for this now, the minute spring arrives and dry conditions hit, take this extra step to protect your property’s various embellishments.

In addition to adding protection, powder coating can also introduce new decorative elements. Different finishes can change the look of a sculpture, or brighten the color of a newly-restored motorcycle. It is an excellent bonus to all the other advantages secured with powder coating.

Powder Vision Inc offers staircase powder coating in Preston, WA in addition to providing decoration or protection to other items. Call us today to see how we can help you.