What Makes Powder Coating in Preston, WA a Green Option?

Powder coating is not just useful for a number of applications—it’s also environmentally friendly! The process of bonding with surfaces through ionization, unlike using fume-filled paints, creates limited waste and toxic elements. Not only can you benefit from the decorative and protective elements of powder coating, you can also rest assured that you are using a process with a smaller carbon footprint. Here are four ways powder coating in Preston, WA is the green process for keeping your metal surfaces attractive and durable:

  • Electrostatic charge rather than chemicals: Traditional paints and surface treatments are often distinguished by their odors. This is due to the presence of solvents in these treatments. Solvents lead to the classification of traditional treatments as hazardous waste, which also requires particular disposal procedures and handling in order to keep workers and the environment safe. Powder coatings are polymer resin-based with curatives, pigments, leveling agents and other additives. This mix adheres to the surface with an electric charge rather than a chemical process, meaning a cleaner, less hazardous approach to enhancing surfaces. The result is negligible volatile organic compounds and no hazardous air pollutants.
  • Less waste: Visit a traditional paint or treatment shop and you will likely find material splashed around everywhere. Overspray is also possible with powder coating, but the effects are less detrimental. Any powder that fails to reach its intended surface can usually be reused. Very little if any of it will turn to waste. This makes powder coating the cleanest surface treatment process for not only the environment, but also for shops and workers. You are unlikely to find a powder coating technician covered with paint!
  • Controlled exhaust: The gun and hose system used in powder coating creates exhaust, but it is rendered harmless. When exhaust builds up in the powder coating booth, it is returned to the plant and blown outside, where it has no pollutant effects. Workers are rarely exposed to exhaust, as this exhaust system and the booth act as good protection. This also helps with heating and cooling costs for the powder coating process by better containing airflow. Even ovens can easily maintain a steady temperature.
  • No hazardous waste: According to the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act, powder coatings are considered nonhazardous waste. Materials can be handled as though they are nontoxic, making powder coating an easier and safer process for workers and customers. There are fewer steps in handling powder, and no danger to the health of individuals who handle it. Local authorities may still have specific disposal requirements, but they are less burdensome than those required for hazardous waste.

While powder coating already meets the standards of being a green practice, the even more extraordinary part is that the industry still believes it can do better. Studies continue in this area to see how powder coating can be made safer and even less toxic.

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