Metal Powder Coating in Preston, WA is Better for Your Outdoor Furniture than Paint

Every homeowner with a porch or patio knows the relaxed and enjoyable feeling that comes with sitting outside on a beautiful day, taking in the natural world around you. If you’re sitting on a rusted chair or trying to relax on a piece of outdoor furniture that has fallen prey to the elements, however, bonding with nature can take a backseat to major discomfort!

The problem with outdoor furniture is that no matter how nice it is or how sturdy it may be, it’s going to get pummeled by the elements each and every day. From the scorching sun that strips away protective layers of the façade, to torrential rains that can cause rust or mold or discoloration, there’s simply not rest for your outdoor furniture and eventually, it’s going to deteriorate.

Now, you might think sanding things down and throwing on a new coat of paint is enough to fix the look and feel of your metal furniture, but it’s really only a temporary solution: you’re only covering up the problem, not actually addressing it. Truly, the only way to really restore your furniture to a like-new level of comfort and resilience is via metal powder coating in Preston, WA.

A substantial solution

What makes powder coating better than paint when it comes to outdoor furniture? Well, for starters, it’s a whole lot tougher.

Because powder coating is cured at temperatures north of 400 degrees, it’s going to have a resilience that paint simply cannot even begin to match. While constant rain, direct sunlight and gale force winds might strip the paint off of your tables, chairs and benches, a powder coating solution is going to hold strong without even the slightest abrasion!

As if a super-tough coating wasn’t enough to make metal powder coating in Preston, WA a clear choice for refinishing your outdoor furniture, it’s also worth noting that this method effectively eliminates the prospect of rust. By forming a resistant seal over the surface of your furniture, moisture has no way to infect the metal structure, staving off rust that can and will end the life of your furniture prematurely.

Finally, it’s important to count environmental benefits among the many reasons to choose powder coating over paint. Paint has harmful epoxies and solvents that can break down and filter out into the environment over time, leading to higher levels of pollution. Powder coating is an inherently “green” process, meaning there’s nothing involved that might harm the environment!

The choice is clear

If you enjoy the benefits of outdoor furniture and don’t want to see those benefits tarnished by wear and tear or cancerous rust, it’s important to consider powder coating. Metal powder coating in Preston, WA is a substantial investment in your outdoor furniture that’s actually tremendously cost effective—not to mention your lifeline to keeping your furniture safe and in a condition that’s enjoyable to you.