Three Definitive Reasons to Choose Powder Coating in Preston, WA for your Car’s Rims

If you’re big into automobiles—whether modifying, restoring or something else altogether—you know just how many variables exist and what your options are when it comes to customizing your ride. And while there are always pros and cons that can come with making once choice over another in the world of auto customization, there are a few tried and true options that automatically take the trump card, including powder coating your rims versus painting them.

It might not seem like a big decision in the long run, but choosing powder coating in Preston, WA for your rims instead of having them painted can actually be one of the best investments you make—not to mention one of the most alluring aesthetic-wise. Take a look at three definitive reasons why:

  1. Strength: You’re not going to find a paint option that’s as strong and resilient as powder coating when it comes to your rims. Cured at over 400 degrees to form an impact-resistant barrier and imbued with tremendous stability, a powder coating is going to offer protection for your rims that’s far beyond what any paint can deliver. This is especially important considering the tremendous amount of abuse your rims are going to take each time you hit the road. If your goal is to protect against chips, blemishes and abrasions, powder coating absolutely trumps paint.
  2. Façade: If there’s one thing that’s important to an auto enthusiast, it’s how their vehicle looks after they’ve put the work into it. The perfect paint job is imperative and that extends to your rims as well… except that paint doesn’t always flatter rims. Unless you pay for the most professional paint job, there’s a good chance that you’re going to get an uneven tone when painting your rims, which can really detract from your vehicle’s looks. Powder coating in Preston, WA, on the other hand, provides a seamless finish that’s pristine throughout the entire surface of the rim! For the aesthetically-minded, there is no better option.
  3. Cost: The fact is this, powder coating comes with a much heftier price tag than painting… but what you have to realize is that this is an upfront cost: not a representation of the cost over the life of the application! Paint may cost less, but when considering how many times you’ll need to touch things up or have it spot checked after abuse, it’s easy to see the exponential price that comes attached to painting. Powder coating has a singular high cost to start out with, but a cost that’s very much defensible when you consider the lifetime value associated with it!

Investing in your vehicle means doing what’s best for it in terms of keeping it roadworthy, looking great and in top functional condition. Considering something like the look of your rims might seem trivial, but if it is something you’re debating, make sure you have the facts when it comes to painting versus powder coating in Preston, WA!