Six Reasons Why Vintage Enthusiasts Love Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Whether you dig classic cars or spend your weekends trying to track down the perfect old end table, we all have a little bit of a vintage enthusiast in us. If you are looking to tackle a few restoration projects, or even start selling vintage items, you might be wondering how to best restore, care for and breathe new life into them. These days, the team here at Powder Vision Inc. has noticed a big swell of vintage lovers taking advantage of our powder coating services. Here are six reasons why vintage owners and sellers cannot get enough of powder coating in Preston, WA:

  • Quality finish: Just because something is vintage, that doesn’t mean it has to look old and worn down. In fact, the vintage scene is now seeing an increasing number of folks who love vintage design but don’t necessarily love the antique “distressed” look. Powder coating is a great way to keep the interesting detail of a vintage piece while also giving it a fresh new look.
  • Unique colors: One of the biggest alternatives to powder coating is simply using spray paint on vintage furniture pieces, but the color options for spray paint are often a bit limited. If you want a funky purple or delicate peach color for your vintage outdoor furniture, powder coating is the way to go.
  • Bikes and cars: Whether you are a dedicated bicyclist, a hardcore motorcycle rider or a classic car aficionado, you are probably always looking for new ways to care for your bike or vehicle. Powder coating offers long-lasting and effective protection from the elements for your ‘70s Schwinn or ‘50s Corvette.
  • Furniture: One of the best things about having unique vintage furniture is getting to show it off when you entertain friends and family. Powder coating in Preston, WA can help you transform an ordinary backyard into a stylish entertaining space, complete with restored vintage furniture for your guests to appreciate.
  • Enduring: Spray painting vintage furniture might be fine as a quick fix, but it can be wearisome to have to apply a new coat of paint every six months or so. And if you plan to sell that vintage furniture, spray paint will certainly compromise its quality. Fortunately, powder coating typically lasts up to five years, meaning you can confidently use or sell your vintage furniture.
  • Lasting value: Finally, we know that one of the most exciting aspects of buying and selling vintage items is that you are always on the hunt for the next great deal. Well, it turns out that powder coating is, in itself, a pretty great deal. And not only is it completely economical, but it also lasts a good long time. If you want to invest smartly in your vintage furniture or vehicle, powder coating is the way to do it.

If you are curious about powder coating in Preston, WA and would like to learn more about it, we hope you will get in touch with the team at Powder Vision Inc. anytime.