Protect Industrial Equipment with Commercial Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Commercial powder coating in Preston, WA is all about protecting the long-term potential of your investment in equipment and machinery. While many consumer applications seek to add a decorative finish, that is not a big priority in this area of our services. As you investigate ways to help your farm or manufacturing capital last longer, here are the primary benefits powder coating offers in commercial applications:

  • Helps any industry: Construction, aviation, manufacturing, landscaping and even the restaurant sector all benefit from powder coating services. Any metal equipment or heavy machinery can benefit from the additional protection from this environmentally safe and effective procedure. If your field uses metal parts or equipment, chances are, powder coating offers an advantage.
  • Protection from the elements: Your machinery may be subject to high temperatures or outside being exposed to snow and rain. Powder coating uses an electrostatic charge to bind to the original surface, and from there, it is hardened into a protective shell. Unlike many liquid paints, this end result offers durability against humidity, impacts, UV light, extreme weather and even harsh chemicals. A powder-coated item is one that will stand up to whatever happens to it.
  • Improved durability: The heaviest, strongest material makes up your equipment, but even that will wear out after a while just from everyday use. A powder coating finish not only creates a shell but also binds the elements of the metal so it becomes stronger. You are not just giving vehicles, appliances or outdoor structures a shield—you are reinforcing their original composition, which helps them last longer.
  • Reduced chemical usage: Powder coating is clean, with no solvents used. With pollution control being a priority in both government and society, finding a way to preserve equipment without worrying about environmental regulations can be a challenge. Powder coating removes this challenge by being your green alternative to other paints and finishes.
  • Enhanced worker safety: Workplace accidents are avoidable and equipment failure is a frequent cause of injury. By making equipment more durable, you also reduce the risk of failure that can lead to a workers’ compensation claim. Keeping workers safe also contributes to good morale, which will lead to better productivity.
  • Efficiency: Equipment compromised by rust or weather can slow down projects. If it breaks or requires replacement, that also means time spent not finishing items on schedule. Adding to equipment longevity through powder coating means better reliability with more focus on your products, not maintenance.
  • Safer premises: If your powder coating needs include temporary shelters, that is a non-moving but essential part that still has the potential to cause a hazard. Giving these structures extra protection means keeping your overall worksite safer, which means you will have one less potential time-killer in your way.

Are you ready to protect your commercial products and industrial equipment better? Contact Powder Vision, Inc. and ask about commercial powder coating in Preston, WA. We are available to work onsite to help keep your equipment in prime condition.