Powder Coating and the Art of Motorcycle Restoration

Handrails, car parts and staircases are frequent beneficiaries of powder coating in Preston, WA. The same process also does wonders when it comes to restoring antique motorcycles or offering extra protection to that modern two-wheeler you enjoy so much on warm summer days. Here are six benefits powder coating offers to motorcycles:

  • Useful for most parts: Frames, sub frames, wheels, hubs, clutch covers, handlebars and many more motorcycle parts can be powder coated. These surfaces enjoy extra protection from the elements once the powder coating is complete, retaining color or the shine of chrome or original paint. This can be more essential for older models that have been exposed to the elements for many years.
  • Color and texture: Powder coating also offers a range of colors and textures. If you are restoring that 1950 Indian and want to refresh the original color, powder coating will maintain it even as it faces the effects of age. The same is true if you wish to customize your classic Harley before you make a trek to Sturgis. You have the choice of high or low gloss, metallic colors, standard shades or even fluorescent finishes. Only your imagination limits the possibilities.
  • Highlight chrome: Motorcycles are exposed vehicles, meaning the tail pipes and cylinders are often in view. Giving these a bit of extra highlighting helps improve the overall appearance of your motorcycle. If you found an old model in a barn somewhere, you do not want your efforts of removing rust and debris to be in vain. Add powder coating to maintain that hard-earned shine.
  • Protective qualities: Not only do motorcycles hide little in terms of appearance, they are also vulnerable to the elements. Giving its various frame and engine parts a good powder coating adds a durable shell that keeps rain or intense sunlight from deteriorating metal parts. This helps keep your new motorcycle looking that way and your restoration project running a while longer, rather than succumbing to time. You can remove rust and know that it will not come back once you employ a good powder coating on your motorcycle.
  • Improved durability: Not only will your motorcycle benefit from a greater shine and a layer of protection, but it will become more durable, too. The pretreatment stage during power coating creates a bond in the material that makes it even more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Safe restoration method: Powder coating lacks hazardous chemicals, solvents and carcinogens, which creates not just an effective finish, but a safe one, too. When you think of all the chemicals and hazardous processes that can be involved with vehicle restoration, having a safe option becomes desirable. This also means your desire to keep your motorcycle beautiful will have a reduced environmental impact.

If your restored motorcycle requires protection from the weather, consider investing in powder coating in Preston, WA from Powder Vision, Inc. We will add life to your project and help you enjoy it longer with a restored finish and protective coat. You also enjoy our quality assurance approach, so you know that every job is done right each time.